Machine Piecing

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I’m going to fall far, far behind on the Case of the Secret Garden if I insist on hand piecing the entire thing. And I don’t want to let this one languish and become a UFO.


So I sat down at the sewing machine and joined the spokes together for the arc of a New York Wheel block. Those involve straight piecing, so I figured I could handle it. Then I added the corner piece and quarter circle by hand. After all, that involves some curved piecing which is one of my favourite things to do by hand. And the block looks just like the ones I had previously made totally by hand.


Then I machine pieced the remaining 7 arcs of spokes for that set of blocks.


Pressed, seams graded and just waiting for their corners and quarter circles to be added. I may get brave and even try some curved piecing by machine. But that’s a huge “may”. Somehow I don’t think I’ll get that brave about machine piecing.

Now I know I can get this done. Maybe not in time for the final clue on Monday, but I’m not going to be too far behind. And my Case of the Secret Garden quilt will be hybrid pieced.


Baxter was showing his pals, Ralph, Pete and Milly, some tips on machine piecing New York Wheel blocks.


This is one of his funniest poses, braced against the balance ball. He will often pose like this. With my silly mouse slippers in the background. Which I’ve actually needed the last couple of days. It has been cold. And snowing. Again. I’m hoping that was winter’s last gasp, that the mouse slippers can be put away until next winter and  spring is on the way.

10 thoughts on “Machine Piecing

  1. Cathi, It looks like Baxter is peeking out just enough to be sure you are taking his picture correctly. You should illustrate a book of Baxter looks and poses, it would be a best seller in the cat lover’s community.


  2. You are doing great on the Secret Garden Mystery! No idea how one could manage
    any faster!!! Happy first day of spring…know you are anxious…especially with the little cold/snowy surprises…hoping it arrives soon for you…and Baxter…to watch the roof garden! ;-)))) And…photograph all of your winter projects outdoors!


  3. I know what you mean, sometimes when we do most of our work by hand we tend to fall way behind others – but I was surprised to learn awhile back about a group project – there were 8 of us that made the Underground Railroad quilt at the same time, I did machine piece most of it and hand quilted it and assumed everyone else had finished theirs, I had lost track – then a month or so someone brought in their quilt to show – she finally finished it and had someone else quilt it (machine) – it only took her about 6 to 8 years! Mine was done years ago years ago.


  4. It only makes sense to do those straight seams on the machine but you might as well enjoy doing the curved seams by hand. They are a little stiffer by machine and you might not be happy with that.
    I love Baxter’s pose!


  5. Such pretty blocks!~ Glad you went to the machine for the straight seams… makes sense to me. 🙂
    Baxter is doing his exercises in his sleep. He’s multi tasking. lol
    Love your slippers!~ Hope it warms up for you very soon. I know you are ready for Spring.
    Cute toon today!~ As always.


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