Colour, Lovely Colour


Aren’t these delicious? Beautiful batiks from a wonderful friend. Once I get the mystery quilt top finished, the octagon stars doll quilt and one other doll quilt done, I have an idea for a quilt that will be made with loads and loads of lovely batiks and these will definitely be part of it. These will also become sunflowers for the batik sunflowers quilt.

Where have I been? Working on a secret project that will be unveiled on Monday. It has been an adventure – all to be revealed on Monday.


It has snowed almost every day this week. This is what it looked like at about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. Those aren’t dirty windows, but snow flying by the windows as I snapped the picture. Yesterday there were times when the snow was coming down very heavily but thankfully it didn’t accumulate. I have no idea where spring is, but it sure isn’t here! This is so different from last March when we had those glorious warm days. I know this is more our normal weather pattern, but I got spoiled by that warmth last March.


Baxter and his friends are ready for an Easter egg hunt. I think they just want it to warm up so that Baxter has something to watch out on the roof garden.


Mr. Q.O. says this is Baxter’s “I’m a Maine Coon kitty” look.

8 thoughts on “Colour, Lovely Colour

  1. What lovely batiks for these dreary days!!! Do you think the groundhog may have fibbed a bit this year???? ;-)))) Spring appears to be hiding…hope it pops out soon.
    Ah…a secret…a mystery project…we’ll be waiting…in anxious anticipation!!!


  2. I love your batiks. I have been hoarding batiks. I just love the colours and interesting designs.
    I can’t wait until Monday to see your secret revealed.


  3. Cathy I am so impressed with your work. I’m trying to work on 2″ applecore. I read your tutorial on hand stitching and curves, very good but not so easy to do. I’m on my 3rd row of applecores and the stitching is looking much better but sometimes I feel like I’m all thumbs. I wished you lived next door so I could just watch you and see how you come up with these wonderful ideas. Keep doing the tutorials as they really help. Barbara in Longview WA.


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