Second Monet Block

I managed a little stitching time last night. And got another block done for the Monet quilt. That’s 2 now for the Monet quilt and 16 for the Tiffany Lamp quilt.   About 10 days ago I was reorganizing fabric and pulled some more batiks to work into the mix. And there’s clearly going to be a series of these New York Beauty quilts, none of which are going to be large.

Even managed to press it. That’s one of the things I love about batiks – how easy they are to press! They’re perfect for use with these metallics that don’t press quite as easily.

I have loads of the shapes printed on fabrics for the New York Beauty 1, 2 and 3 blocks now. And some more printing to do. The top sheet of fabric is one on which I printed one of the combo pages that gives me all the shapes for a NYB 1 block. I printed about 14 sheets of that combo page, a number of pages of the shapes for NYB 2 and 3 and have another 10 or 12 sheets to print with the shapes. After that I think I’ll wait until I have the majority of the blocks stitched before deciding what, if anything, else I need to add to the mix.

Mr. Q.O. was drawing again. This time Baxter near a bowl of his favourite thing – water.

Baxter was, I think, not amused! Mr. Q.O captioned this one “Me, Morris.”

8 thoughts on “Second Monet Block

  1. I love your blocks and they will make an incredible quilt!
    Mr QO needs to write a book on “The Adventures of Baxter” with all his illustrations and of course he would need to get the permission from his highness!


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mr QO’s new portrait of Baxter. Quite a water theme today, eh? Will Baxter want water lilies floating in his water bowl now? An illustrated book is a fabulous idea. You can do it! Quilts and cats.


  3. Love the Monet block. Your fabrics are beautiful! PERFECT for this project.
    Mr. Q.O. is very talented and I hope he keeps giving us “Baxtertoons” and adventures.


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