One Centre Done, Another Begun

I didn’t quite make my goal of having two of the sunflower centres for the Feathered Stars done, but at least one is complete and the second is mostly done. Part of the reason I didn’t get the second one completed is that a fair amount of time was spent cutting the shapes for the spring Winding Ways. There’s still a lot of cutting left to do, but I hope to have that finished by the time the weekend is over. I think I may have to get a larger box for that project.

A couple of times I’ve left the grading of seams until the entire Feathered Star block was done. It is so much easier to do it in increments, so now I grade the seams of the centre sunflower right away.

The ring of diamonds and triangles that go around the centre of the second sunflower are done. Once that ring is made, the rest of the piecing of a sunflower block takes no time. I may get the second one finished tonight and the third started.

One of Baxter’s Christmas presents was this feather toy. I think it’s a toss-up between this and Cappy as to which toy he prefers sometimes. Last night he was playing with it, managed to get it under the couch too far for him to reach, then meowed pathetically for help retrieving it.

5 thoughts on “One Centre Done, Another Begun

  1. The perfection of your piecing just knocks me over… beautiful!! I love that red fabric in particular too.

    Yes, I think cats knocking toys under furniture is the same game babies play tossing things out of their cribs/playpens, then crying until you restore it to them LOL!


  2. Such splendid blocks! You’re getting there!
    Getting toys stuck in areas they can’t reach is part of the cat fun! Actually they are just keeping you in the game of playing with them!


  3. Thanks for showing the part finished center, it shows me how this block gets pieced. Not at all the way I thought it would be, but it makes so much more sense to do it this way 🙂
    I remember the pathetic “help me, my toy’s gone” crys. Macros used to love playing with my pens, and he’d always lose them under the fridge. He doesn’t play with toys anymore, these days his pathetic cry is more “surely it’s bedtime, hurry up and come to bed, I want to cuddle”. Lol.


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