And then there were 46

46 of the Pickled Ladies, that is, joined together. Now that I’ve started grading the seams, the difference in the weight of the top is very obvious. It will also make the quilting of this easier, as I am definitely planning on hand quilting it.

There aren’t too many more rows to go. Then it will be time to start adding the partial pickled ladies around the edges and then find the perfect border fabric.

Baxter patrols the windowsill even at night, particularly on windy and rainy nights.

22 thoughts on “And then there were 46

  1. I just realized that this is an Inklingo pattern also – I wasn’t thinking 🙂 what size are your clamshells? I do believe I will be ordering this shape when I get done with Joseph’s Coat.


  2. Baxter has the poise and stance of the Beefeaters outside of the Tower of London LOL! Guarding QO House from all squirrels and swirly leaves. Stunning quilt–I love watching it come together.


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