Lots of Trimmings

Trimming of seams, that is. Over the weekend, I spent a lot of time grading the seams on the Pickled Ladies.  It makes an enormous difference in the weight of the top as well as how it drapes. I’m cutting less than an eighth of an inch off the black triangles in all the arcs. I put one trimming on a ruler to show how little I’m actually cutting off the seam allowance.

This little vase is now almost full of the trimmings.

In this close-up of the back of one of the blocks, you can see how it looks after trimming. While I don’t always grade the seams on quilts, for the Pickled Ladies quilt it makes a big difference and is worth the time and effort.

Baxter was lounging on top of a couch.

13 thoughts on “Lots of Trimmings

  1. You are so completely precise, it hurts! 🙂 Baxter has to appreciate how well you make quilts and I know he’s just lounging there dreaming of the one that will be his and his alone!


  2. Your tips and advise are true treasures! Thank you for sharing them! Now, I’m guessing
    I’m not alone…where or what line of fabrics carry the lovely large florals! They seem to make the quilt….and anything less would be mutiny! ;-)))))) Baxter seems to agree…the Pickled Ladies is just perfect! 😉


  3. Yes, it is your attention to detail , as Gill wrote, that makes all the difference.
    I have always been amazed how as I quilt, the quilts get heavier too. I think, it’s just thread! lol Love this photo of Baxter.


  4. I like to trim my darker fabrics, too, just in case they make a little shadow on the front. I’ve noticed it on other quilts in shows, and now my eyes just find them! Especially when it’s a white with a really dark fabric joined to it……you just don’t want that shadow! Nice to know I’m not the only one that does this! lol


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