26 Pickled Ladies

The fourth row is now added. They’re easy to put together, thanks to the stitching liens and matching points.

It’s a little difficult to tell from this photo, but the intersection where they meet is easy to press by pressing one of the arcs over the other beside it and then pressing the one below it over both of those.  It may look a bit bulky, but it actually isn’t.

Quilting on the Ferris Wheel quilt is going rather slowly but I am getting it done. Baxter is insistent on helping whenever there’s a quilt on my lap, whether I’m quilting or tacking down binding. At one point last night, he was right under the hoop. He seems to think it’s play time as he attacks my hand that’s underneath the quilt.

16 thoughts on “26 Pickled Ladies

  1. I am in LOVE with your pickled ladies! Just fabulous! Aren’t quilts such cat magnets? My kitty does the same thing when there is a quilt on my lap. Makes it a little more difficult to work, but definitely a wee bit warmer!


  2. Okay, so…if when this quilt is finished, if it happens to disappear from your home…good chance it will be in mine LOL! Just kidding Cathi 🙂 Definitely, THE most gorgeous quilt I have ever laid eyes on. My heart strings just tug with love every time you show it. You must be so pleased with it!


  3. Just so beautiful…think this quilt is the love of my life! I really must google and find some large floral prints as anything less seems to be a disappointment to me! I miss kitty love…those dear furry friends seem to go hand in hand with quilters! Let the stitching begin!!!! Hugs and happy Friday!


  4. Beautiful! I hope you enter this one in a show one day Cathi!
    It should be in a magazine or somehow “SHOWN OFF”!
    Really unique and gorgeous. I admire you so much, for ALLL that you do!
    and Baxter too!


  5. This is just one of the best quilts ever! I have so enjoyed watching it come together on your blog. I am very behind in blog reading and I can’t believe how big Baxter is getting. They grow so fast!


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