A Red and White Beginning

The beginning, that is, of the largest of the red and white quilts I’m planning.  At least, so far it’s the largest of the ones I’m planning.  I couldn’t resist adding a sunflower to a feathered star and have the entire quilt planned out, including sashing and borders.  Curved piecing and continuous piecing — what more could I want?  It’s completely hand pieced and took about 3 evenings of stitching, on and off, while working on a few other things as well.

It presses like a dream and lays flat as can be.

Would I have attempted this block without Inklingo?  Not a chance!  With Inklingo, it’s not daunting at all as perfect stitching lines and matching points make a block like this easily achievable.

This quilt is demanding to be made quickly, I think, so there may be a lot of red and white seen on my blog over the next few weeks.  I can’t wait to get the blocks done so I can start with the pieced sashing and border.

I had a migraine on Tuesday that pretty much kept me off the computer as I was finding it difficult to focus on anything.  Hopefully I’ll get caught up on comments and replies to comments over the next couple of days.  I’m working as a registrar today and tomorrow so my computer time will be limited.

It was a grey overcast day on Tuesday.  Smudge found a cozy spot to have a cat nap.

17 thoughts on “A Red and White Beginning

  1. Great block and a lovely Smudge picture! I keep meaning to look into Inklingo as I love hand piecing but drawing all the stitching lines on drives me slightly batty…the only problem is that I don’t have a printer or anywhere to leave one set up so I’ll have to put on my thinking cap, rearrange some things and start saving for a printer!


  2. That block is awesome! The sunflower has to be one of my favorites and the way you put those together is so striking!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon! No time for not feeling well.
    Smudge does look cozy, a real neat trait that cat’s have.


  3. What a delightful block! Just love it! What is the block size now???? Oh my, a migraine…do hope it passes quickly! This silly weather, so changing, one day it seems like spring with birds singing…the next there is snow coming down like a blizzard! Ugh!!! Big hugs for the migraine…big thumbs up for the quilt block! Little kitty pats for Smudge…and prayers for your aching heart when you think of Chester!


  4. Just caught up on the last two posts. the red and white looks lovely and so does the log cabin. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt. Sorry to hear about the migrane hope it goes quickly and doesn’t come back for a long time. Great news about smudge eating. Our two say eat eat eat.


  5. I love this one, well everything you make, but really loving this block. In part because I was at the Red and White show, but also because I love the Feather Star and Sunflower blocks. I have bought a couple of the inklingo patterns, but I have yet to try them out. Everytime one of your posts arrives in my inbox, I am so inspired. I just need to take the time to sit down, figure out how to get started, and JUST DO IT!! I have been putting it off for at least a year now!
    I love to hand piece. Actually I am working on some double 9-patches and running into a problem because I pieced some of the small 9-patch units just a little too small. Marking those 1/4″ stitching lines with a fat marking pencil made the blocks just a little under the 3 1/2″ unfinished size. So, I am needing to fudge a little when I stitch them into the double 9-patch. I know this would not have happened with Inklingo, all the stitching lines would have been exactly the same. Lesson learned!


  6. Hi Cathi,
    Sorry to hear about the migraine, I rarely get them now that I am menopausal (1 really nice benefit!).
    Just downloaded Inklingo on Sun. am waiting for my day off after Easter to give it a try. I love the way your stuff looks. I will be doing machine piecing, my hands start to hurt just hemming pants. I’m excited to try it.
    P.S. I miss seeing Lester, I can only imagine how much you all miss him.


  7. Love that square. Best center I’ve seen.. As I’ve said before, my hand just shakes cause it wants to pat Smud ge’s tummy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mr QO.


  8. I hope you are migraine free now Cathi. Please take care of yourself.
    One day at a time…
    I love this! How beautiful!! i have never seen anything like this. Did you make up the block?!? I cant wait to use Inklingo one day soon. All because of watching the amazing work you do with it.


  9. this is turning out beautiful Cathi
    I am still poking along with my cheddar and red feathered star but mine has a pretty plain center compared to yours…it is lovely!


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