Shabby Chic Cabin and HSTs

Wednesday I decided to try machine stitching one of the little 5″ shabby chic log cabin blocks and was pleasantly surprised at just how well it turned out.  In fact, I think it looks better than the one I had previously hand-pieced.

The back looks wonderful too.  The one thing that I can’t get used to is the amount of pressing that machine piecing entails.  When I hand piece, I usually leave the pressing until the end but with this I found I was jumping up to press after each little log was added.

When I was cleaning up my stitching area I found these 2.5″ half-square triangles I had made quite a while ago using Inklingo.  For these, I had printed the triangles on the back of the cream fabric and then stitched on the lines.  When cut apart, I had perfect HSTs but that was as far as I went.  I decided to try joining them into a couple of rows using the machine and was again pleasantly surprised.  This time I decided to try stitching without all the pinning and, while a few of my joins aren’t perfect, it’s good enough for a small doll’s quilt — and a great learning tool for me.  I’ll keep making the rows and joining them until I’ve used up all the HSTs and then will decide what, if any, border to add.

One of the things I found at the Creativ Festival was the Grace Company TrueCut My Comfort Cutter.  I’m really impressed with this cutter — it’s very comfortable to hold and use and doesn’t set up any pain in my wrist or hand.  The ruler is interesting as it has a slight lip on which part of the cutter rests and rides along as you cut and makes it easy to get perfect cuts.  The best part to me is that the rotary cutter takes any blades on the market.  I hadn’t even heard of this cutter before seeing it at the Festival.

Smudge loves to lie at Mr. Q.O.’s feet.  Wednesday night he was having quite a dream and was growling in his sleep.  That’s the first time we’ve ever heard him growl while dreaming.  Normally he only growls if he sees a dog at the vet’s office.

11 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Cabin and HSTs

  1. Isn’t machine piecing addictive? Well, maybe you might need to do a little more, but it looks fantastic!! Yes, you do have to get up to press quite a bit. Neat rotary cutter. I have seen it before, but have been afraid to give it a go. Thanks for the review. My Beanie growls when little Pavi wants to play and she doesn’t. But Pavi is just a little tike and she is an old gal, set in her ways.


  2. Ohhh Smudge growled. First time, eh? Interesting. Recent life change and all. Don’t want to go all Feline Behavior but that is an intriguing coincidence. Oh we’re a quilting blog. Right. Machined Log Cabin is so, so pretty. I love the effect with those colors. Pressing. Yeah. It’s a thing. …and thanks for sharing to very cool slicer!!! Slick.


  3. Smudge is chasing rabbits or something in his dreams! Or perhaps he’s growling at those feet!:)
    I have seen that rotary cutter in magazines, but have not in person, interesting.
    And yes, it’s sew, press, sew press…..but it’s fast results and your log cabin is very nice!


  4. You had wonderful results at the machine. Were you sewing slightly above the lines like we do when handpiecing?

    Maybe Smudge was dreaming about the vets LOL.



  5. Like Sara said, he is chasing rabbits! This is what our pups do. Sometimes their feet will be going, as if they are running. They can really get into their dreams, as well as snore. Lol
    I think it is a great idea to machine piece these blocks, as it is all straight stitching. Don’t you suppose, there were a lot of log cabin quilts made when the first treadle machines became affordable/available for home use? Can you imagine how excited those ladies were at the thought of doubling their sewing time. I agree, I have to press each time also. With handwork, you can fingerpress and let it go until the end. I guess between the tighter stitches of the machine and running it through the machine, it sets that seam more, so pressing is a must, for me. Have a great day!


  6. Hi Cathi,
    Looks like you are enjoying the log cabin set from inklingo. I haven’t downloaded that one, but watching your blocks come to life make me want to.
    Question: Did you piece your strips without paper or stabilizer when you used the machine. I made a log cabin a few weeks ago and found that by machine, I needed to use some stabilizer to keep the rows straight. I wouldn’t think that would be a problem doing them by hand.

    Also, I have that cutter and ruler/mat system from Grace Company and I love it too. I also use their mats and am very pleased with them.


  7. Your little shabby LC are so cute Cathi 🙂 and I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with the HSTs.
    I like the look of your cutter.

    ~Well Sara I hope he’s not chasing my bunnies ;)) I think he’s dreaming of the vets too or it could be Mr O’s feet. LOL… Very cute anyhow. A couple of my bunnies growl when they are displeased with something. It’s a really funny sound coming from them as they’re not generally vocal.


  8. Cathi, I was so saddened to read of your loss. I do hope you continue to find comfort in Smudge. I have been advised I may have to have Leo put to sleep and I have criet bitter and sad tears, at the news. Love & hugs, megXX


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