Shabby Chic Cabin

On the weekend I not only did some machine piecing, I was actually doing chain piecing by machine.  That was a big step for me.  I was amazed that, in the space of a few hours, I had 10 log cabin blocks done.   There are 12 blocks finished so far and another 20 or so to make.  So two more afternoons at the sewing machine and I’ll have the blocks finished.  The little blocks finish at 5″ so it won’t be a large quilt but rather a fun small one with a couple of borders.

I’m not sure if this is how I’ll set the blocks or what I’ll do for the borders yet, but this will be a fun little quilt top to finish.  It  has become my learning path on machine piecing.  Not that I think I’ll be doing a ton of machine piecing, but for something like these blocks it’s perfect.  That said, hand piecing is still what I prefer.

Spring is definitely here.  We saw our first robin on the weekend and the temperatures were wonderful.  Saturday and Sunday were both mild and sunny days.

Smudge was relaxing Sunday evening after being syringe fed.  I think we’ve tried pretty well every food on the market and he just doesn’t seem to like any of them, yet  is quite content to be syringe fed.

6 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Cabin

  1. I knew you would start to get the hang of machine piecing. Chain piecing is very quick and efficient way to get those blocks together in a jiffy. It looks beautiful.. Glad that Smudge is doing well with the syringe.


  2. Great job on the machine piecing, you can truly become a hybrid! 🙂
    Glad Smudge is doing well, I think he probably really likes being fed that way because of the close attention he gets, he’s a smart cat!


  3. I’m so happy you are enjoying the machine piecing. this is one pattern that really doesn’t need hand sewing to keep it accurate and chain piecing will have it done in no time.


  4. Glad to see your machine is becoming a user friendly tool. I am giving raw edge applique a go should be interesting! Smudge is obviously enjoying the attention, but at least he is eating. Remember the saying Dogs have masters Cats have Slaves!


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