Batik Ovals

On the weekend I was going through projects.  This one has come out to be finished. It’s going to take a while as it’s all applique and I can only do a little applique at a time.  Found that out again on Saturday when I tried to do a bit too much, appliqueing about 6 of the ovals, and paid for it with hand pain the next day.  Now my plan is to applique a few each week and slowly finish them off.  What’s shown in the top photo is about a third of the total there will be when finished.

They finish at 3.75 by 5 inches and are all batiks and hand dyed fabrics.   The ones that are yet to be appliqued have been sitting in a box, already back-basted, for at least 2 or 3 years which will make the applique quick and easy.

Smudge was posing for the camera Monday night.

13 thoughts on “Batik Ovals

  1. Love these batik ovals Cathi! It’s worth to finish this project, hopefully without having too much pain!
    I sometimes wonder why so many quilters aren’t that fond of batiks. There’s so much richness in their colours!


  2. Hello Cathi! This is beautiful, like a painting with those lovely colours! Hugs for Smudge and lovely stitching to you!
    xxx Teje
    Ps. I press almost all the pieces one by one and it means jumping up and down – someone said that even the sewing can be exercise!


  3. My goodness, you need to check through your projects more often if this is what you come up with! What a nice top that will be! I can imagine what else you might have stashed in a project box!
    Smudge is looking cute as ever!


  4. This one is bright and cheerful and what spring will look like soon. It sounds like you need to set a pace of just a vouple a day to save your hand. I’m glad you had them all basted already.


  5. These are really cool!! Egads, I haven’t been here in a week and look how much I missed! You are one prolific quilter! Hey, Smudge! Lookin’ good mister! xxoo patty & bhu


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