Fan Blocks and Here’s Hugo

Years ago I had cut 3 x 5 inch rectangles of all sorts of Asian prints.  Looking at them now I have no idea what I had in mind when I cut them and, up until a few days ago, really didn’t know quite what to do with them.  Over the past few days an idea kept coming to mind and I finally gave in Tuesday  night.  The rectangles were large enough to get 3 Dresden Plate blades printed on each.  Once that was done, it was no contest — I had to make a couple of test blocks.

I used one of the many blades in the Inklingo Dresden Plate Fancy Pieced collection, the same collection I used to make the Ferris Wheel top.  The blocks went together in next to no time, pressed like a dream and were fun to make.  They finish at 4.5″.  I have no idea how many of these I’ll make but I do know that it will be at least enough for a large wall hanging.

I might change out the quarter circle as I’m thinking that it may need to be a darker fabric, perhaps a black, rather than the brown I’ve used.  I’ll decide that today when I can see the blocks in natural light.

The back of a block:


We’ve known for a while that Hugo was on his way here.  Tuesday afternoon Harry, our house hippo, was looking out the window wondering, “Where, oh where is Hugo? Will he ever get here?”

And finally, after a long trek from Florida and crossing the border, Hugo arrived late Tuesday afternoon. Harry was thrilled to see another hippo!

We have some fun plans for Hugo’s stay with us and are hoping the rain will stop so that he can have an adventure out on the roof garden.

Hugo was last at Life at LeeHaven, where he was seen in the scrap bin and wearing a fabric hat and had fun.  You can read more about Hugo at House of Cats as well.

Smudge was very, very interested in Hugo.  We were trying hard not to laugh out loud at him sniffing and sniffing Hugo.  Then they settled and Smudge looked like he was ready to have a nap with our little visitor.

9 thoughts on “Fan Blocks and Here’s Hugo

  1. Love the colorful dresden plates!! If Hugo has been traveling around, I’m sure he is full of wonderful smells for Smudge LOL.



  2. Cathi I love the look of these Asian prints in this particular display (block). Really classic. And Hugo – well he’s a lucky little dude to be at your house. Don’t forget to feed him special Hippo food. hee!!!


  3. Oh, these are beautiful blocks! I think it is great fun to find old work I have done. I am sure I will be finding lot of things as I unpack the sewing room, wondering what in the world was that for? Tee hee Also, inspiring me to go back to other projects. I miss sewing and can not wait to make it a daily part of my life again.

    What great fun, this post is! How cute! Looking forward to the adventures. Yes, I am sure Smudge has lots of scents to detect. Smudge will be having many dreams of chasing these. Lol


  4. Yes, I agreed the black would look very nice in the corners of those great blocks! Can’t wait to see that one done!
    Hugo? Is he a traveling animal? Smudge will latch onto him and he’s never go on another trip!


  5. Your dresden plates look wonderful Cathi 🙂 and you’ve given me an idea for my Rainbow Scrap purple block.. which I’ve to make… so thank you 😉 May I suggest a nice red for the quarter circle 😉
    Bunny hugs to Smudge, cute tale of Hugo the hippo :))


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