Shabby Chic Log Cabin

The first of my little shabby chic log cabin blocks, which I made with the .50″ Inklingo log cabin collection.  The block finishes at 5″.  This one I stitched by hand.  The next one I will definitely stitch by machine.  While it didn’t take long to stitch by hand, I imagine I could get a lot of them done in the same amount of time if I machine stitched them.

The back, which pressed quite nicely.

One of the things I was looking for at the Creativ Festival on Saturday was Superior Threads’ MasterPiece thread.  I had read so many good things about it that I was dying to try it and had been hoping to find it at the festival.  I found one vendor who had it and bought 4 spools — red, black, white and cream.

It is every bit as great as I had read — and then some!  It’s lovely and silky 100% cotton that is wonderfully fine and just melts into seams.  I’ve been stitching with it since I got home Saturday and  am thrilled with it.  It’s easy to thread a #12 sharp with it, doesn’t knot or tangle, and just glides through fabric when stitching with it.

Smudge decided to show that he truly is a quilter’s cat — posing amongst fabric and quilts.  He has been eating lots and lots for the past 4 days, as we found a food he seems to really love.  We are so grateful to see him eating this well!

8 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Log Cabin

  1. Hello Cathi! Your block looks great and I love those colours! I’m happy to hear that Smudge has found his appetite and favorite food!
    I wish you Happy Easter week! xxx Teje


  2. Nice log cabin block! It will go together in a quick fashion by machine piecing. I love your color combination.
    Smudge looks like a patchwork kitty tucked in patchwork quilts. He looks like a happy cat!


  3. The log cabin block is lovely….I really like the colors you are using. I agree, log cabin blocks are faster by machine.

    I’m going to have to find some of that thread to test out after having another hand piecer’s glowing review :0)



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