Snuggly Stars

The baby quilt which I named Snuggly Stars, thanks to a suggestion from Karen Dianne, was finished Friday night.  After cross-hatch quilting the two stitching books, I decided I’d cross-hatch quilt the baby quilt as well.   I started quilting it around noon on Friday and by the time the evening was over, I had finished the quilting, put the binding on and tacked it down. All that was left was to add the label, which I did Saturday morning before I left to go to the Creativ Festival.  The little quilt finished at 24 x 36 and was totally machine pieced and quilted.

Sunday morning we threw it in the wash, which was a bit of an adventure.  Mr. Q.O. took it up to the laundry room to put it in to wash and, when I went up to transfer it to the dryer, the machine had seemingly malfunctioned.  Rather than draining the soap suds, it seemed to be making more and more.  We think someone had put detergent in the machine previously and then not used it so that, when we used it, it had much more than recommended amount of detergent.  When it finished the final spin, I couldn’t even see the little quilt for all the soap suds.  I was holding my breath when I opened the door.  As soon as I did, there was an avalanche of suds on the floor.  I finally fished out the little quilt and put it in another washing machine with no soap to let it run through an entire cycle with just water as I figured that was the only way to get all the soap out of it.

We made a decision on Friday that, as we don’t want to leave Smudge alone for too long,  Mr. Q.O. would stay home on Saturday while I went to the Creativ Festival on Saturday and I’d stay home while he went to the baby shower on Sunday.  By the time it finished its second run through a wash and then dried, there was just enough time to put it in the gift bag before Mr. Q.O. had to leave.

Saturday the rain poured down for most of the day.  Sunday we had snow.  It didn’t stay on the ground, but there were a few times I looked out the window and couldn’t believe how heavily the snow was coming down.  Smudge decided the best thing to do was have a snooze.

18 thoughts on “Snuggly Stars

  1. Aaawwww! Your Snuggly Stars quilt is so cute 🙂 The close quilting gives it a beautiful texture too. It is also sparkling after it’s adventure with the soap suds 😉
    Bet that was a scarey few moments.
    I think I can say Spring has arrived here.. dare I say that.. it’s a beautiful warm sunny day here.
    Bunnyhugs to Smudge who is looking so sweet fast asleep.


  2. Snuggly Stars is so cute and any baby would love to cuddle in it! Poor dear Smudge. Is she okay? I’m hoping so. Anyhoo, positive vibes and good thoughts being sent your way!


  3. What an amazing story of the washing!!! Sheesh. And you know, that picture of Smudge is great. What a cute snuggly kitty kat. I like what Elly wrote about him. Bunnyhugs. 🙂 Cute. (I never do read comments ya know… heh) As for the weather this time of year – there’s no accountin’ for it!!!

    I really dig this baby quilt. You sure made a happy one and I like the binding, too. Do you think you’ll do this sort of thing again?


  4. Your Snuggly Stars is so cute! I’m sure that family will think so, too. I think I would have been a bit panicky in that soap situation with barely enough time to spare! Good that it worked out!
    Smudge looks so peaceful snoozing away! Stay warm, winter has to stop at some point!


  5. The quilt will be perfect for the baby. I’m so happy I don’t have to do the laundry room thing, you never know what the previous person did in the machine.



  6. Hi Cathi,

    The baby quilt is beautiful. What wonderful quilting. I’m sure it was a big hit at the shower.

    Glad to see Smudge is taking the snow like the rest of us. Just ignoring it and it soon goes away at this time of year. A nap is a great way to handle it.

    Have a great day.



  7. What a pretty wee quilt!

    Too funny about the soapy washer…

    Hugs and Kisses to Smudge…the kitty with the most beautiful fluffy tail!


  8. This baby quilt is one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen! And I love how you quilted it…I’ll have to try cross-hatching some time. Do you have a favourite batting that you use? I really love this quilt!


  9. the Snuggly Stars look lovely ans Smudge seems to be adjusting, he does remind me of Spud( or Boo) as we are now calling him he was in that position this am beside ,e on the bed.


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