Arcs for the Pickled Ladies

One of the things I’ve been working on is stitching the arcs for the Pickled Lady blocks.  I’m trying to get lots and lots of them ready as stitching the arcs to the clamshell body takes next to no time.  Unfortunately, my wrists are still not cooperating so pressing the arcs wasn’t possible before the picture was taken.   All the black triangles are cut for at least another 40 arcs while the white pieces are being cut as I need them.

It was bitterly cold here on Wednesday.  So cold that the first cold weather alert of the season was issued by the city.  It seems awfully early for this horribly cold weather and makes me wonder what January and February are going to be like. When it’s bitterly cold, I resort to my mice slippers.  They are toasty warm and I really don’t care how ridiculous they look.  My mother bought these slippers for me well over 15 years ago and I treasure them.  They only come out in the winter so they’ve stood up quite well.   Watching the cats’ reactions to the oversized mice on my feet makes me laugh.  The sight of them makes Mr. Q.O. laugh.

Smudge greeted me Wednesday morning by chirping for his breakfast and doing figure eights around my legs.  Huge improvement.  Getting him to eat on his own has been a challenge, so hearing him ask for breakfast felt like a huge achievement.

Both of the kitties were spending time either in the cat beds or on the couch, staying warm.  Lester looked at the windowsill ever so briefly on Wednesday afternoon but I think he could sense it was chilly and decided to head for the couch.

17 thoughts on “Arcs for the Pickled Ladies

  1. OMGosh Cathi, I LOVE your slippers!! It’s a good thing they don’t have a tail or those two cats would be tripping you up all the time.



  2. I’m laying on the couch reading blog posts, and as I read about kitty chirping for breakfast and doing the figure 8’s around your legs, I thought to myself … yep, Zoomer does that too – it’s so funn … uhhhh wait did she say SMUDGE??!?!? I reread that part and shouted out a YAY! LOL!!! Oh my – imagine how much better he must be feeling to get his appetite back – that’s wonderful news!!!


  3. Smudge looks so much better in this pic, more lively and alert – you must be so relieved, I can feel it from here! We will gladly share our heat and rain if you like. Love the slippers, I have a pair of husky slippers my son gave me a few years ago, if you press on its ear it barks.


  4. oh so cute mice slippers!….love your pickled ladies too!…YAY! just Wonderful news that Smudge is chirping and dancing for food!…Bless his heart…Hope that your wrists will be doing better soon!….Annie


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