More Stormy Seas

Up until last night, I had only 3 of the 7 fabrics that will be in the Stormy Seas quilt ready and printed. Last night I got the fabric for the remaining 4 fabrics ready to print and will print all the shapes over the weekend.  Once that’s done, I’ll have everything ready to stitch the blocks.  I’ve found a stitching sequence that makes the blocks relatively quick to construct.

I’ve made blocks using the three fabrics that have been printed so far and am thrilled with how they’re turning out. These three were stitched over the course of the last 10 days or so.

While I had initially thought I’d use 11 fabrics in the Stormy Seas quilt, I’ve now decided to narrow it down to 7 fabrics and will make a slightly smaller quilt. It will be a lap quilt. Making that decision actually got me thinking about the size of quilts I want to make going forward.   Lap quilts seem like the best idea for me.  While I want to make a king-size quilt for us to use, I still haven’t decided on a specific pattern although it may end up being a large Chintz Circles, aka Alabama Beauty, quilt.  I have been slowly printing pieces to make another one of those for us and am debating whether I want to make it a lap or bed quilt.  It would be beautiful thrown over the back of the pink loveseat but would also go wonderfully with the toile wallpaper in the bedroom.

Do you have a favourite size of quilt to make?  Are they all large enough for a bed or lap quilts or wall hangings?  If you do have a favourite size to make, why did you choose that size of quilt?

Smudge continues to improve daily now.  Thursday he was eating more on his own and was livelier than he has been in a couple of weeks.  He and Lester were curled up together Thursday night.

17 thoughts on “More Stormy Seas

  1. I think that if I were hand sewing an entire quilt, I might just go for lap size too. I tend to make bed size quilts mostly as they seem to get used more often. I consider making wall quilts from time to time because they will get finished quicker, but they always seem to grow! So glad Smudge is doing better!!


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  3. So pleased to see that Smudge is improving. He looks his normal self curled up with Lester.

    I love your Storm at Sea quilt colours. I find single bed quilts are the largest I like to work with. Am just completing two for grandaughters for Christmas.
    Hope your hands are improving too.

    Take care. Dianne


  4. I tend to like to make the lap quilts because they are nice on the couch or to wrap up in on a chair. They can also be on the foot of a bed for another quilt if you need one. They are my favorite size to quilt on my longarm because they don’t take as long to quilt of course but they are easier to handle and the results are quicker to see! Smaller quilts mean more time for another one! 🙂

    Glad Smudge is also up to par!


  5. My quilts stop when they are done, but I try to get them to be good bed size. Wide enough if you roll over, you are still covered & long enough if you pull up to tuck under your chin, your toes are still covered.

    YAY Smudge. (Rhapsody volunteered to send some of her cat food. She is still not a fan of the Rx stuff that she has been eating for years.)


  6. Cathi,
    Hi I am so happy that smudge is getting better. I was worried. And your Storm at Sea blocks are just beautiful. I have 2 cut out and not stitched yet.
    Peggy S


  7. Glad to hear that Smudge is improving and asking for food.

    Most of my quilts are bed size with a few lap quilts and wall quilts thrown into the mix.

    In the winter, our house is cold (not much insulation in the walls) and my big quilts are hung on the dining room walls and they really do keep the cold out on one big wall.


  8. Cathi, I had issues with deciding what size of quilts to make. When I was quilting hot and heavy back in the 80’s we only had a double bed. Lo, these many years later we now have a king. A king is a LOT bigger than a double. I made 1(one) kind size quilt and swore I’d never do another. I thought long and hard about what to do, as I did want quilts on my bed. The solution for me was a 70 to 80 inch square quilt. If used over a matlesse (sp?) bed cover, it covers the whole top of the bed, but doesn’t have to drape down over the edges. 72 seems my favorite. This size also doubles as a generous couch throw. It’s a size I can handle without feeling like I’m drowning in fabric. For quick, small projects, I’m doing something I never thought I’d do: table toppers and table runners. I can’t explain that one, but they make me happy. And I make miniatures for my dining room wall.
    So glad the cat’s doing better. We had a sick dog over the weekend(isn’t it always), and the early part of the week, but she’s quit back to her old self many dollars later. : )
    Hope your hands start feeling better soon.


  9. Happy to see that Smudge is getting better with each passing day.
    I’ve made enough bed-sized quilts so that we can use a different one each season … I now prefer to stitch smaller quilts, i.e., lap quilts, place mats, table runners, etc.


  10. I’ve always made large quilts….usually around double bed size though I have done larger. Even baby quilts are big so they can be spread on the floor for them to roll around on. Lately I tend to make smaller projects, wall hangings and such but only because I quit on a project and decided to finish it as is.



  11. The size quilt I make depends on the design, and if I am enjoying making it, and how much fabric I have – when I run out, it’s time to stop making blocks and assemble the quilt! Your Storm At Sea blocks should be called calm sea, because those colours are very peaceful. So good to hear that Smudge keep improving!


  12. Thanks for the Kitty news, It is good to hear them talking to us isn’t it and to see them together on the cough is wonderful. Spud was up with Bess the other night so she could clean him lazy cat!
    I have to complete a few other quilts I am hand quilting then I will get started on my hubby’s storm at sea quilt in greens and blacks.


  13. Oh, Cathi I’m so sorry to hear that Smudge has not been well. I have allowed myself almost NO computer time since we started packing for our long distance move and have not had the chance to read my favorite blogs so I’ve really been our of the loop. I just scrolled back and read your posts about him and I’m elated to hear that he appears to be on the mend. Please keep us posted.

    For the next little while and until I get things entirely unpacked and placed, I think I’ll be doing only doll-sized quilts. I need the sense of instant gratification right now.


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