Planning A Christmas Quilt

A Christmas quilt is on my list to make one for next year using these fabrics.  I know that an Inklingo Feathered Star collection will be coming out sometime in the near future and have decided that will be the design I’ll use for a Christmas quilt with these fabrics.  A Feathered Star has been on my want-to-make list for years, so I’m really excited about the thought of making one.  These fabrics have been tucked away for ages, waiting for the right idea for a Christmas quilt.  I’ll get them washed and pressed in the next few days so that I’m ready to start.

I have been working on blocks for two quilts but, as my wrists are too sore to handle pressing at the moment, nothing is pressed so no photos to show quite yet.

Once again, thank you to everyone — all the good wishes and thoughts for Smudge meant a lot!  We had Smudge to the vet again on Tuesday and he has put on a pound.  We’re thrilled.  Our vet’s  happy.  Smudge seems livelier and more engaged. That is the best Christmas present we could have asked for.  We’re still syringe feeding and will be for a few weeks yet to ensure his weight gets back up to his normal 18+ pounds.  Along with syringe feeding the food, we’re giving him a bit of yogourt every night now as he was given an injectable antibiotic yesterday.  While he has always loved having a bit of yogourt, since he got sick he hasn’t wanted any of it so we’re giving that by syringe as well.

This photo was taken on Tuesday night.  It’s hard to tell from the photo, but he’s more interested in what’s going on around him than he has been the past week or so.  He’s still a bit jaundiced, but not as much as he was.  A visit to the vet is scheduled for next Tuesday for another weigh-in and colour check.

Lester has continued to keep his eye on Smudge.  He’s intrigued by the syringe feeding to the point that last night when we were giving Smudge some food, Lester decided he had to sniff the syringe.

Hopefully I’ll start replying to comments, visiting and commenting on blogs a bit more now.

19 thoughts on “Planning A Christmas Quilt

  1. Very glad to hear that Smudge is doing better! I am sure that comes as a relief to you as well. I can tell he looks a little more vibrant. Looking forward to seeing your feathered star!


  2. I am so happy Smudge is on the upside of getting better! He’s still looking a bit peaked though isn’t he…

    Cathi, how big a piece of fabric do you use for the bottom half of your pickled ladies blocks?


  3. Good news that Sludge is on the mend – that goes a long way to making everyone in the household feel a lot better *s*
    Can’t wait to see your feathered star – your fabrics are going to look fab!


  4. Cathi,
    I really hope your wrists get better soon.
    Those are some lovely fabrics for your future Christmas quilt. So glad that inklingo is coming out with the feathered star. I’ll have to get that one. So lovely.

    Enjoy your day!


  5. So glad to hear Smudge is improving.
    Will look forward to seeing your Christmas quilt when you start it. Thinking of you every day. Take care.



  6. I’m so happy to hear that Smudge is doing better. I can tell he’s lost weight from the picture. Poor ol’ fellow!!

    Love the feathered star idea….one on my to do list too.



  7. Wonderful news with Smudge and I could see Lester wanted to know about that syringe too! LOL
    Hope Linda is able to give us and early Christmas present of the Feathered Star, since we haven’t heard much from her or Monkey lately maybe they are hard at work!
    Hope your wrists are better soon as I miss your daily inspiration posts!


  8. So happy to hear Smudge is on the upswing and soon hopefully, so will your wrists!…He does look like he’s lost a few pounds…I’m sure he will gain them back!…Love the fabrics for your Christmas quilt and can’t wait to see it’s progression!…Lester is as beautiful a Lion as ever…Prayers and good wishes for speedy recoveries for you and Smudge and a Hug to Lester…Blessings…Annie


  9. Good news about Smudge, I was just going to email you to see how he is! Poor kitty, he does look a bit thin but will soon pick up some weight again. Hope your wrists feel better soon too, it would be a shame to miss out on that Christmas star.


  10. Oh my, he does look a bit thin, doesn’t he? Hey Smudge Dude – Zoomer and I are glad you’re starting to perk up – we worry about our boys when they’re not 100%! Sending you maple syrup kitty hugs!

    Sandra 🙂


  11. Hello Cathi, I’m so happy to hear that Smudge is feeling better! I hope she is soon well with good apetite to get some weight! Lester looks wonderful!
    Your new Christmas quilt is going to be lovely with those colours! I know when we get an idea, it’s difficult not to start just right now! I’m waiting to start a new patchwork with trees! Your white/red quilt from February is so beautiful!
    xxx Teje


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