Little Stars

While we’re continuing to deal with a kitty who’s not well, I have been doing a bit of stitching in between syringe feeding and the like (if you’re looking for an update on Smudge, scroll down a bit).  Putting the LeMoyne Star blocks together has been a lovely distraction when I’ve had a few minutes to stitch.

Even pressing the blocks feels like fun at the moment.  I think getting them pressed just perfectly gives me a feeling that I’ve got some control over something.

As the sun was going down one day this week, and I can’t even remember which day at this point, it cast a wonderful pink light on the office towers in the area. The one that’s on the other side of the roof garden looked, I think, quite pretty — although I’d rather it was summer and the leaves were out on the trees and I wouldn’t be able to see it.

A couple of the buildings across the street also were turning quite pink.

And here’s Smudge, resting in a kitty bed in between feedings.

Thank you to everyone for your wishes and thoughts for Smudge’s recovery.  We’re by no means out of the woods yet and his appetite is — well, beyond finicky.   He’s finicky at the best of times, let alone when not well.  The cupboard shelf with kitty food has so many different varieties and flavours that we’ve bought in the hopes of finding one that he’ll actually eat on his own that I think we could open a small shop!  He’s on an appetite stimulant and, while he is eating a little bit on his own, I really don’t think it has had the effect the vet was hoping for.  I know there are other appetite stimulants for cats and will bring that up in today’s conversation with the vet.

In the meantime, our goal is to get 250 calories per day into him.  I had never noticed it before, but cat food labels do not show the calorie count.  Thankfully, our vet had the calorie count for some foods and a non-blogging friend found and forwarded to me a chart with all sorts of cat foods and their calorie counts listed.  In order to get enough calories into him, we’re making a slurry out of a tin of food and syringe feeding him in 1 to 1.5 ounce increments throughout the day.

An ounce or ounce and a half may not sound like a lot, but it takes some time.  I am extremely grateful Smudge has the typical Maine Coon temperament.  He lets me give him  his pills, syringe feed him and generally be a pest (which must be what I appear to be from his point of view) without protest or struggle.  I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult this could be with many cats!

He has us waiting on him hand and foot.  He likes baked chicken, but only when it’s just out of the oven warm.  Not warmed up the next day after it’s cooked, mind you. Only out of the oven warm.  So chicken is cooking here at various odd hours of the day and night.

Lester has been enjoying the variety of foods that are suddenly appearing.  He seems to know that Smudge isn’t well and has been periodically going over to wherever Smudge is to check on him.

I’m still basically taking a brief blog break, but thought that I’d pop in with a post — mostly to say thank you to you all.  Although I haven’t responded to comments, I can’t begin to say how much I’ve appreciated each and every one.  Hopefully, I’ll be back with a report sometime next week that Smudge is improving and can then start to visit and comment on blogs too but, for the time being, Smudge’s needs absolutely have to come first.

31 thoughts on “Little Stars

  1. Smudge has a great “mom” in you! I am sure he is grateful for you taking care of him and cooking chicken at all hours of the day and night. Lester is such a good brother. I know that animals do sense when something is amiss. I hope that Smudge recovers soon and all is better. Only good thoughts!


  2. Geez, Posted my comment to the wrong post. Don’t mind me, it is early here.

    The stars are perfect. Fresh cooked chicken…. No leftovers….. Mr NCC would love that! Sending healing thoughts your way from Smudge’s Texas friends and Renegade


  3. Hello!
    Yes, sick loved ones do require special attention…lol. It’s good to see that Smudge is slowly improving. Those stars are really impressive; not easy to get those points, eh…looking good!

    Have a good weekend!



  4. You’re such a dedicated mother to your furry friends and Lester is a sweetie!!
    Midas and I are sending all the love, hugs and healing thoughts that are needed to have Smudge recover!


  5. Love your stars Cathi 🙂 Will continue with good vibes for Smudge poor wee Kitty. I’ve had to syringe feed my bunnies before so can appreciate just how difficult it is. I’m hoping he’ll get his appetite back soon. You must be exhausted with worry.
    Bunnyhugs Elly


  6. Oh Cathi….So sorry to hear Smudge is under the weather. I must have missed a post. I know you are taking good care of that little sweetie. Don’t we wish our furry loved ones could talk. It does sound like you are on top of everything tho. Prayers and warm thoughts coming your way.


  7. Oh, I do feel your stress. We had a Maine coon and I well remember his fussy ways. But those ways still bring a smile to my face. Here’s to finding just the right flavor combination and a little relief for all involved *s*


  8. Oh the poor dear…and you too…must be so weary and concerned! Hoping it all turns a bend and Smudge perks up.
    Hugs to your entire household!


  9. Oh poor Smudge!! Give him a little scratch under the chin from me. I’m so happy he is being so cooperative, wrestling around with a HUGE cat wouldn’t be fun!!



  10. Oh my, your hands are surely full dealing with the kitty nurse duty and who knew all that about cat food nutrition?
    When both kitties are back to normal then hopefully the shelf of food will get eaten up quickly.
    Thanks for sharing the update and no need to send a reply but just wanted to let you know I am thinking of Smudge and Lester too less one thinks the other is getting too many virtual scratches behind the ears.
    And you too! But I will send quilty hugs instead of scratches LOL


  11. Zoomer and I are, of course, sending kitty kisses and manly hugs to our friend Smudge – I really wish the appetite stimulant would kick in so he can get eating and keep up his strength! I had no idea about kitty nutrition/calorie counts – Z has been on diet food for 5 or 6 years (and still weighs 18 pounds, LOL) but that’s all I know about kitty calories! It sure makes life easy when they’re not psycho about getting medication (Z is the same way, thankfully) – GO SMUDGE GO – get better, you gorgeous boy!


  12. Sending lots of good wishes to Smudge, poor kitty, I hope he starts recovering soon. And of course to Lester as well, I’m sure Smudge won’t mind sharing! Your pink star blocks are so pretty made with that subtle stripe fabric. Depending on the time of year sunsets can do wonderful things with colour.


  13. Oh Cathi thank you so much for giving an update on Smudge!…My mom and I have been sending prayers for a speedy recovery!….Our Maine Coon Gaby keeps us at her beck and call and all whims are full-filled 🙂 We too, have a cabinet full of different flavors ready and waiting…Gaby likes chicken too, and it also has to be fresh, no leftovers!…what a life…all that’s missing is the grapes and the waving of palm leaves over her… 😀 But such a joy these kitties are!…Absolutely Smudge comes first and we will be here when you come again!…You are all blessed to have each other in your lives…I have been ill for a while so I have been catching up on your sewing on past posts…You have just beautiful designs and your use of color is eye candy!…Rich Blessings to you and yours….Annie


  14. So sorry to hear Smudge isn’t feeling well. It’s so hard when our fur babies are sick and they can’t tell us….hugs to Smudge. Have you tried baby food? I used to use that when I had kitties and they were sick.


  15. So sorry to hear about Smudge. In the past when I had a cat that would not eat, my vet recommended beef baby food. Maybe ask your vet about it? Another type of food to try is Wellness Core brand canned food. My cats eat this like it was the best thing on earth. Please get well soon Smudge we miss you!


  16. I wish you well with your feeding routine. I know how important a pet can be, and how much we fret over their wellbeing.
    He is in the best possible home. I am sure Lester is giving him get well messages.


  17. Thanks for taking the time for an update Cathi. These cat of ours are exhausting at times and I for one wish I could speak cat and talk to mine. Hope Smudge gets his appetite back very soon, hope lester likes chicken too.
    take care both of you, pats for the kitties from me and mine.


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