Pickled Ladies Again

While I have been working on the pink and cream quilt and playing with the irresistible Storm at Sea blocks, I’ve not been ignoring the Pickled Ladies.  Four more ladies were completed Thursday night and I have a stack of pieces cut and waiting to be stitched for another 15 or 20 of the pieced arcs.

Making the Storm at Sea blocks has taught me something — that I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to stitching those blocks!  Once I had printed the shapes on the third fabric, I just had to make some of the blocks with that fabric.  So now I’m thinking that printing the shapes on the next fabric is something that I will only do when I’ve finished off the pink and cream top and at least another 8 or 10 of the Pickled Ladies.  Otherwise, I just know that I’ll want to drop everything and make a few blocks with that fourth fabric.

At the same time, I’m trying not to start another Winding Ways quilt.  I’ve wanted to make another since I made this wallhanging back in February and have ideas on my “want to make” list.  But lately, Wanda at Exuberant Color has been showing the Winding Ways quilts she has been making and it’s very, very hard to resist!

Lester was lounging on the loveseat Thursday night.

While Smudge was snoozing on the couch.

14 thoughts on “Pickled Ladies Again

  1. The pickled ladies are beautiful……as usual. I think I would find it hard to ignore the winding ways quilt, it’s such a striking pattern.



  2. Your winding ways is very pretty. I admire the ones made with 2 fabrics but I just can’t seem to make anything except multifabric quilts. I hope you do another one some day too.
    Your ladies are so beautiful!
    Lovely Lester lounging!


  3. Hi Cathi, just finished reading your last few posts and ohhh my, seen some gorgeous blocks with lovely fabrics!!! Love the way Smudge crosses his front legs hihi, Yvette does the same every now and then but especially when she is waiting for something interesting hihi!! Like food!!!!! Happy sewing, hugs, Daniëlle


  4. I have not had time to comment on all the older posts that I’ve missed, but please know how you inspire me so. I’ve missed seeing your. Work and reading your blog. It really has shown in my own work, not much to show here…. yOU really DO inspire more than you know. Thank you. Xo


  5. Hello Cathi, I haven’t been on the computer much in the past month, so now I have to play catch-up. (grin) Everything is looking great. The boys are still handsome guys. Have a good Sunday.


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