Very Little Stitching

That’s what has been going on around here lately — very little stitching.  Lots of printing and cutting, though.  And one pickled lady to add to the mix, but that’s about all there is to show.  It seems like November is prep month.   Made myself laugh thinking about it, but it’s as though I’m getting ready to hibernate for the winter and want all the preparation work done so that I have lots and lots of pieces printed, cut and ready to stitch.

One of the things I’ve been working on  is printing the Storm at Sea shapes.  It’s a good thing that the initial idea of going with the 4 batiks got changed to using 11 fabrics as I found one of the original four has a flaw that runs the entire length of the piece.  There’s an area that’s about half an inch wide that has less than half the thread count of the rest of the batik.  I’ve had the batik now for months and wouldn’t even contemplate taking it back, so I’ve cut the fabric to get rid of the flaw, but it’s possibly going to make it tricky to get the number of shapes I want from that particular fabric.  Seems like my Storm at Sea quilt is undergoing some changes yet again.

There’s a group of florals that need to be fussy cut/printed for more Pickled Ladies. Two more of the large pink stars are done for a total of five finished, so there’s only one left to piece and then printing the shapes for the small pieced cornerstone blocks. More preparation work.

The weekend paper comes with lots of catalogues from various stores, particularly at this time of year.  I had been looking at them while Smudge was curled up at the other end of the couch when Lester decided to join us.  He wanted attention so made sure that the catalogues weren’t accessible.

I’m not sure that Smudge was all that thrilled about having Lester’s tail draped over his.

9 thoughts on “Very Little Stitching

  1. Ahhh… the prep work! Sometimes that is the most difficult part. But once that is done, onto the creativity and fun. I did some prep work at my quilting retreat and am ready for a class this weekend. Looking forward to seeing all your winter projects come to life.


  2. Sounds like some perfect days…lots of printing and prep work done…a nice thick newspaper to browse…warm & cozy!
    Hmmm, on these cold days Lester could drape his luxurious thick tail over me anytime!


  3. That picture of Lester makes me think he rules the place! So stately! And Smudge is his sidekick!
    I think the Pickled Ladies are the best! You now know where I’m going with this….maybe.


  4. Well, living in the great north having lots to stitch is a good thing :0) Also, sometimes just the prepping process is as much fun as stitching….almost LOL.



  5. Beautiful Pickled Lady. I love the contrast on this one. Prep means prepared. You are the most prepared quilter I know. Now you can sit back and stitch, stitch, stitch. AND you have two great furry stitching buddies (+ Mr. QO)


  6. Lester has such an expression on his face. He always looks so wise, while smudge’s says ‘hmmmmph what’s that tail doing over me…
    Hibernating is what I want to do at this time of year….living this far north the days are so short and it’s dark almost as soon as it is light.

    Lovely pickled ladies. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the stars.



  7. Love the photo of Lester. I think he wants to make his Christmas wish list. Prep work sounds good, then you can curl up at stitch. I need to do some more handwork prepping so Morpheus and I can curl up in a quilt and stitch as these nights get colder.


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