Stormy Seas

Putting together the second block was irresistible.. The third block is almost finished as well, but not quite.  Each block has been a learning experience as I sort out a piecing sequence that works the best for me.  My plan for the quilt requires 110 of these blocks, so I’ve got a long way to go.  My goal for this week is to get all the shapes printed on the various fabrics and then get the pieces for each block put into an envelope, ready to stitch.

We apparently have a big low pressure system coming in with lots of rain starting today.  Yesterday I got a migraine that put paid to doing much of anything, including replying to blog comments.  I’m hoping that as today wears on and the rain starts, the headache will lift and I can do a few things including responding to comments.

The cats were pretty laid back on Monday, except at treats time.  We found a kitty treat that’s made with ingredients that aren’t kitty junk food.  Late last week Smudge began behaving like a finicky cat and had been turning his nose up at their food, so we hit the pet store on the weekend to buy a few different types and flavours.  So far we’ve found a couple that he likes and the kitty treats. They learned the sound of the treats bag incredibly quickly — and now as soon as one of us picks it up, they’re right there.  They can appear to be sound asleep, but the sound of that little bag being opened works better than any alarm clock could.

We didn’t get any pictures of them on Monday, so these are a couple of my favourites.  First Smudge:

And Lester:

10 thoughts on “Stormy Seas

  1. Your blocks are coming along nicely! But wow, 110!! Only 108 to go… Isn’t it funny how cats are? Mine are the same, they can hear the can of wet food being opened a mile away!


  2. The blocks are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more! As always, your work is inspiring and I so look forward to your blog updates. And I hope you are feeling better…those migraines are nasty, to say the least.


  3. Lovely blocks…yes, what size are they? Oh, those migraines are so nasty…hoping you soon find relief…life just has to screech to a halt then they happen. Sending lots of e-hugs and wishes that you’ll soon be pain free and your needle and thread will soon be flying again!


  4. I had a migraine yesterday too, but luckily it was a controllable one and was gone by 4 p.m.

    I’ve never done Storm at Sea but a friend loaned me a ruler/tool to help in construction so I may try it. I like yours.


  5. Beautiful Storm At Sea blocks, Cathi! I bought this Inklingo set to make a quilt as well, and have been itching to get some fabrics printed and begin it. Mine will be way different than yours, which will be fun to compare how such different quilts can be made from the very same Inklingo collection!

    I rarely get kitty pics, but my kitty has been sticking to me like glue lately while I’ve been dealing with some nasty migraines, and she’s been such a comfort.

    ~ Ronda


  6. Hope your migraine goes away – there’s not much you can do if it’s triggered by weather, is there; we just have to grin and bear whatever Mother Nature throws at us! Love your blocks, you keep making them and then you can give the quilt to me *grin* Our kitties know the sound of a certain bag rustling means treats too, can’t fool them.


  7. 110 blocks, that’s a long way to go! Our vet told me once I was crazy to think cats have preferences when it comes to flavours in food. We all know better, don’t we? The pictures of Lester and Smudge are beautiful!


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