Scrap Bin

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been looking at these scraps of Oriental fabrics and trying to figure out what I can make with them.  The first picture shows a variety of sizes, ranging from 3 x 5 to 2.75 x 6 and 5″ squares.  The second picture is nothing but 3 x 5 rectangles.  Lots of them.  The 5″ squares I’ve got an idea for but the rectangles?  The ideas for those seem to be far and few between so far.  Any suggestions?

About two more hours of stitching and the last of the pink big and cream stars will be finished.  Then it’s a matter of stitching the smaller setting blocks and putting the top together, which I anticipate won’t take long.  The third Stormy Seas block was completed as well.   Shapes for at least a dozen of the arcs for the Pickled Ladies were cut out and are ready to stitch.  November really has been a prep month for me, it seems.

The rain began, but the migraine lingers.  While I was able to take Tuesday off, today I’ve got to manage to get through some work.  Once again, I’m way behind on responding to comments and visiting blogs.

Smudge was lounging on the couch.

While Lester was stretched out on the floor.

13 thoughts on “Scrap Bin

  1. Hmmm… you can do a scrappy nine patch with the Asian fabrics. Simple, quick and easy. The rain is really falling here right now too. A good day to stay in and sew. Hope the migraine is better today.


  2. I’ll have to double check my book for the rectangle size (2.5 x 4.5?), but… is the larger basis of all of the quilts in this book

    (The smaller basis is 1.5 x 3 – I think.)


  3. I think you could make a one seam flying geese patch on the machine with the rectangles, and then use the squares with a solid to make a checkered border…. Ricky Tims does a demo of the one seam patch- I tried it, and it works!
    I think it is on you tube- Sandy


  4. hope your feeling better…
    oh just love your scraps, nothing better than scrap quilts I am sure you will think of something!
    always enjoy the kittie pictures too 🙂


  5. How about a brick and mortar with the rectangles? Keep the ‘mortar’ a consistent fabric. Sew strips of mortar to the end of each brick until it is the width you want. The next row is offset by half a brick so there is no matching of seams. Easy peasy scrappy quilt for a babe.


  6. The blocks and rectangles would make a really nice quilt using some solids to match with some of your prints and I would go with a Kaffe Fassett pattern. I have all his books on quilting and he is a master of simple shapes with of course his incredible fabrics, but I can envision your fabrics in one of these quilts!
    Hope your migraine is soon gone!


  7. Hi Cathi, hmmm what about just a plain ol postage stamp quilt…you’re blocks might be a bit big but in the end it will be absolutely adorable with just cute block after cute block. Super Scrappy 🙂


  8. I was thinking those rectangles would work well in a Chinese (Asian) Lantern quilt. Check on to see a couple of versions. You can probably use a long-half hexagon shape for the two main pieces. This would make into a nice wall hanging (or on your front door?) for the holiday and new year’s season with the rich colors in your fabrics and some deep jewel tone solids to set them off.

    Hope you’re feeling better today!


  9. p.s. about that lantern block idea. Instead of a wall hanging, you could finish each block individually and string them together on cording to make a banner. Very popular these days and it might give you more flexibility about where you use it from year to year.


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