Fabric Challenge

These hand-dyed fabrics have been in my stash for ages.  I cut each one of them in half, gave half to a friend, kept half for myself and we’re both going to work on a quilt using just them and perhaps one other fabric as a neutral.  I’ve wanted to make something special with these for ages and am hoping that having this challenge will be just the thing I need to come up with the right design to showcase them.  The hard part of this for me will be that it has to be a machine-pieced design.  The fabrics are gorgeous but they’re very tightly woven, even more so than a batik, so I know that hand piecing would be too much for my hands.  I’ve been pouring over some of the encyclopedia of blocks books and think this may be what finally gets me to absolutely force myself through EQ and play with some design ideas that way.

Do you ever feel like you should limit how many blogs you visit because of the sheer overload of inspiration?  On Thursday, I saw a quilt at Nonnies Cedar Chest that really intrigues me.  I can see it done in pinks and greens and creams or with a beautiful Christmas red and green.  I love the ribbon effect Charlsey got with her design.  I think it’s a very good thing I have no Christmas fabric as I have a feeling I’d be itching to start this one.  But it may be hard to resist doing it in some lovely soft pinks and greens.

We had another amazingly mild day on Thursday with the promise of at least a couple more days like that to come.  The longer we can put off the bitter cold and true winter weather, the better.

The cats are showing how well they can curl up into kitty circles.  Lester in a kitty bed:

And Smudge on the couch:

12 thoughts on “Fabric Challenge

  1. Those fabrics…. Yummy! Great plan to have a challenge with a friend!

    I know what you’re talking about when it comes to the overload of inspiration you get from reading many blogs! I try to control the wannedo feeling by being very critical about what I like about an appealing project and it sometimes helps me to grasp that I already started an almost similar quilt project. I try to stay focussed on what I’m working on… LOL!


  2. Those fabrics are stunning….oh! Can’t wait to see your design. Thanks for the tip about Nonnies blog- I think this is the same lady at Inklingo…. the cats are adorable, as ever. Sandy


  3. Gorgeous fabrics! I’ve never used hand-dyes before. I would be tempted to do a color-wheel type pattern–arcs or similar to wedding rings or something). Or maybe a trip around the world pattern. Sounds like a fun design to work out.

    I completely agree about the proliferation of blogs I read. I really need an extra two hours in a day to read and post blogs. I need 26 hour days!!! I also don’t want to miss anything and get so inspired so I don’t want to cut back either. Oh the dilemmas of modern life!!!

    I love the circle-kitties! That’s how mine sleep now that the house is chilly. Have a great weekend!!!


  4. You have a rainbow of colors in your hand-dyed fabrics. I know what you mean about the tightness of weave. It would be nice if you could make a quilt that just works its way through the range of fabrics just the way you have them showing in the picture.


  5. Hello Cathi! Your cats looks so lovely! Kisses for them!
    I think you had wonderful idea to share those fabrics and make ‘double’ project with your friend!
    There is indeed too many fantastic blogs to follow and to find new all the time… and I’m interested also just too many materials…wish I could only sew or knit! Now I have wood with wool!
    Have a lovely day and thank you for your visit and sweet comment! Teje


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