And Then There Were Three

Blocks stitched and shapes printed for three projects on Wednesday, that is.  Project one, the big pink and cream stars.  One more finished so there are now three completed.  Tuesday night I started thinking about different settings for the big pink stars and have decided on one that will include 6 of the large stars and some other elements.  Three more big stars to go and then the setting and it will be done.

The pieces printed and cut out for the remaining three big pink and cream stars.

Project two, two of the Pickled Ladies done.

Lots of clamshells printed and cut out for project two.

Lots of the shapes needed for the arcs also printed and ready to cut.

Project three, the Harpsichord Quilt.  One new block pieced and pressed.  Smudge was determined to be part of this photo — you can see his shadow.

Lots and lots of black and gold octagons and the little coloured squares printed for project three.

While my printer wasn’t going quite as quickly as in the video I showed yesterday, it was humming along for about half an hour last night.  I like working on projects in groups of three.  Getting the freezer paper sorted out made it all so easy.  In next to no time I had the fabric pressed to freezer paper and printed for all three of  this Wednesday’s projects.  Perhaps if I keep doing this for the next couple of weeks I can have all the pieces printed and ready to stitch for another 3 or 6 projects.  What other ones?  The Summer Picnic Dish, also known as pickle dish.  The Rouenneries Drunkard’s Path — I have another 3 sets of charms to print for that one.  The Storm at Sea is definitely on the list for next week.

For the most part, the cats had no interest in what was going on.  Lester had a nap.

Smudge was looking a bit bored, I think.

14 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three

  1. Nothing like making progress! Wonderful projects!
    However, those cats are way too laid back 🙂
    We are getting our daughter’s 4 cats next week to cat sit! Now that’s a week that NOTHING will get done!


  2. The prep work always takes awhile and sometimes doesn’t get counted in the time to make a quilt. I like to do like you are doing, have a bunch prepped for several projects and then you can work on whatever you want.


  3. Well what can I say 🙂 Well I can say nothing because my jaw is fixed in wide open mode, LOL… Cathi you are an inspiration!! I love all off your projects that you are working and I love your taste in fabric.
    Your kitties are gorgeous too.

    I love the picture of the pile of pink and cream diamonds… very pretty. I just downloaded, a couple days ago, a pc desktop wallpaper of a quilt done with these stars similar to yours except they were 6 pointed instead of eight. It’s from the Martingale book web page. Ellyx


  4. Wish we lived closer. I would pay you to print for me! You can print more in a short period of time than any one I know.

    The Harpsichord is reborn. Yeah! It is most unusual and creative. Definitely a one of a kind. I think Smudge is waiting for some outdoor squirrel activity or maybe a he needs a little nip of catnip!


  5. I’ve been missing some good blogging the last couple of months! You are working on some more beautiful goodies! Love the fabrics!!


  6. Ooo love the asian fabric in that clam shell on the right!! I showed the video to my GD and she loved it. Her best buddy is a monkey.



  7. Cathi you’ve always insprired me to make more and learn more 🙂 Thanks for this! You are the blog – as you mentioned in one of your posts – that I go to for amazing work!
    Nice job! and I love Smudge today 🙂


  8. Again catching up with you. Love all the kitty pics. Your clamshells are awesome. My granddaughter had a clamshell type skirt on her dress yesterday. My daughter bought it from a craft fair. It was cute and reminded me of yours. The diamond start is great. Love diamonds.


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