What Is Inklingo?

Watching this little video made me laugh out loud — it’s the perfect antidote for a grey November day and maybe it helps explain the stacks of freezer paper I have cut in so many sizes.  Do turn your speakers on as the music absolutely makes the video a laugh-out-loud delight!

Watch at the end — there’s a shot of a beautiful feathered star, which makes me think new collections with the shapes for the feathered star block are coming. That has me redesigning the setting for the pink and cream quilt, incorporating more borders and fewer blocks, as a feathered star is definitely on my list of quilts to make and I know I won’t be able to resist starting a feathered star quilt — maybe even in red and white!

6 thoughts on “What Is Inklingo?

  1. My husband and two colleagues are working from home today so I’m sitting here in the kitchen on my laptop pretending to have some useful purpose but actually watching a monkey doing patchwork – I can always slam my laptop shut if they suddenly come down! Mmmm must get around to downloading the free trial thingy you told me about!


  2. Good thing I’m at my son’s where they have high speed internet. That really was a great video. Linda must tell Monkey not to get his nose so close to the sewing machine or he’s going to find it stitched to project LOL.



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