Ring, Ring!!

There’s been a bit of a ring assembly line going on here for the past little while.

Golden Wedding Ring rings IMG_2647wtmk

All the full rings for Two Ringy Dingies are made.

Partial GWR Block IMG_2644wtmk

And lots of different partial rings.

And now it’s time for it to get it put together. In fact, since I took the pictures I’ve started sewing the Two Ringy Dingies top together and now my goal is to have it finished before the end of the week.

Wondering why I decided to drop everything and finish this? Because I knew I was about to go down a path with the Can Can top that would make it very hard to get back to Two Ringy Dingies and, as that really isn’t a very big top and I really do love the Golden Wedding Ring design, I decided to finish it first.

When I began sewing the first ring of Two Ringy Dingies together, something about it kept reminding me of … something. I couldn’t remember what that something was but, every time I sewed a ring or partial ring together, the feeling persisted. I showed it to a friend and asked her if it brought anything to mind and, while she said it didn’t for her, she came up with the clue that led me to figure this out. She suggested it may have been a product that I saw here when I was young that she might not have seen growing up elsewhere. At that point I stopped trying to figure to figure it out and then one morning it struck me what it might have been. So I looked it up and it was!

Bee Hive Corn Syrup bottle IMG_1013wtmk

It was the old bottle of Beehive Corn Syrup. I don’t know why, other than the gold colour, the Two Ringy Dingies fabric choices remind me so much of this. Nor do I remember my mother ever using this stuff and it being in the house. But I do remember that one year when I was quite young we had gone to the Canadian National Exhibition and gone through the Food Building and, as was usual then, entered some contests.  I came home from school one afternoon that fall to a surprise. We had won a case of Beehive Corn Syrup that had arrived that day. I think everyone my mother knew got a bottle of it. I actually looked through her old recipes that I have and not one of them suggests corn syrup.


“Do You Remember?”

Baxter December 13, 2018 IMG_2641wtmk

Baxter posed oh, so nicely for this photo.

12 thoughts on “Ring, Ring!!

    • I think Beehive Corn Syrup may have been a Canadian brand. The odd thing is I remember those colours so clearly but do not recall my mother ever using the stuff.

      Thank you! I’m excited about this little top almost being done.



      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!

      I have and use my mother’s recipe for butter tarts and it doesn’t call for corn syrup – I’ve never actually seen a recipe for them that did. I can’t imagine using that stuff in anything – it sounds overwhelmingly sweet.




    • I think Beehive may have been a Canadian brand of corn syrup. I’m almost positive my mother never used it in anything. I certainly never have but oh, how the colours on that bottle seem to have stuck in my memory!!




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