Two Ringy Dingies


IMG_2677 cathi gwr top edited 04wtmk

The very golden, Golden Wedding Ring Two Ringy Dingies top is done!! I made my goal of finishing it this week and didn’t want to wait to post this. Edited December 23, 2018 – thanks to the efforts of a very good friend who has amazing skills with photography apps, this picture is much better than the one I had originally used.   The colours in this photo aren’t even close to true – finding a place to photograph anything large is difficult in the winter and the lighting is less than perfect.  Oh, to have a design wall and a bank of daylight bulbs above it!

Golden GWR Setting Piece IMG_2678wtmk

This close-up photo is much more accurate as it was taken under a daylight bulb. I ran out of the gold I had used in the Two Ringy Dingies top and didn’t have enough for the setting pieces around the edges. So I found a fabric in my stash that worked well enough, I think.  You can definitely see it’s different in this photo, but it’s not that evident when I look at it from even arm’s length away.

I’m glad there are two sizes of the  Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring collections. It was fun making one of these little tops in each size just to get a feel for the difference and now that I’ve made one with both the 12″ and 16″ sizes, I’m surprised – because I think I prefer sewing the larger size. While I don’t have plans to make a larger Golden Wedding Ring quilt quite yet, I know I will come back to this as I’d love to make one that was more pinks and greens and soft colours.

Now that that top is done, I’m going to be off to the races with the Can Can top. I have been itching to really get going on it!

Baxter December 20, 2018 IMG_2648wtmk

I love this shot of Baxter in profile.

10 thoughts on “Two Ringy Dingies

  1. Merry Christmas Cathi! As well as Mr Q.O.

    I love this quilt, and the fabrics you are using !

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!



  2. It’s gorgeous Cathi. But no ‘toon to go with it. I can imagine Mr Q.O. creating a ‘toon that includes the word ‘hurrah’. December is such a busy month. It’s great that you’ve been able to complete this top before Christmas. Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.


  3. We picked up Boris from the cat motel on Friday, at the same time a lady was leaving her beautiful cat rather like Baxter, but more grey patches. She was stressed beyond anything I could imagine , maybe the first time. Baxter, you are superb in profile, and no ‘toon? Maybe an early Christmas Holiday?.


  4. Your first pix looks more like honey than corn syrup. You are so prolific; I think I have a green tinge. Baxter, as always, looks very handsome and regal.

    Happy Christmas to you, Mr. O and Baxter. May Santa bring lots of treats.


  5. Cathi I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. I’ve used Inklingo since it was initially released years ago. It makes quilting so easy and fun. I recommend it to everyone I talk to about quilting. I have friends who continue to ask why I hand piece when it’s so much quicker to sew on a machine, but I tell them hand piecing is so relaxing and enjoyable. I’m able to take it with me anywhere so it’s portable. For myself it’s about enjoying piecing, not the speed at which I can complete a project. I can’t say enough about it. Thanks again for your lovely site!


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