A Silent Garden with Harpsichords?

I’ve been getting lots done. Now I just need to try to start blogging on a more consistent basis.

Orange Harpsichordwtmk

A pretty orange harpsichord block. The more I make of these blocks, the faster I find I’m sewing them. I love the pops of colour in each block with the little .75″ squares.

Back of Orange Harpsichordwtmk

The back, after pressing and grading the seams.

Green Harpsichord blockwtmk

Then a green harpsichord block.

Back of Green Harpsichord Blockwtmk

And its back after pressing and grading of the seams.

KB Pink Silent Garden Blockwtmk

Then it was time to make another one of the Tranquil Garden blocks. Even though this star is mostly pink, I like it with the teal kites.

Back of KB Pink Silent Garden blockwtmk

And its back, after pressing. I’ve pretty much decided not to worry about grading the seams on these blocks. But I may go back and do some of them where there’s a possibility of any darker fabrics shadowing though on some seams.

I finally realized what may be part of the reason I so love working with Kona Bay fabrics – they’re a cotton sateen. There is such a difference in how they feel and press and I’ve always loved working with them. It’s sad to think that no new Kona Bay fabrics will ever be produced, so now I’m wondering if any other quilt fabric manufacturers make cotton sateen quilt fabrics.

Stacks of Pieceswtmk

I have little stacks of pieces like these, all ready to sew. Two stacks have the pieces for a brown & blue Silent Garden, a Tranquil Garden/Silent Garden and a harpsichord block while the other three just have the pieces for the brown & blue Silent Garden and a harpsichord block. Clearly I need to get some more of the pieces of the Tranquil Garden blocks printed. All the stars are done, and I know I’ll get these blocks done and joined quickly once I have everything ready. Since all the pieces are printed for the harpsichord blocks, maybe I need to spend a bit of time over the next week or so and get everything printed for the two Silent Garden tops.

Lobby Flowers, February 27, 2018wtmk

The latest of the elevator lobby flowers are wonderfully cheerful – love that sunny burst of yellow while we deal with the last bit of dull, grey winter.

Amplified Harpsichords in a not so quiet gardenwtmk

“Amplified Harpsichords in a Not So Quiet Garden”.

Jake, February 27, 2018wtmk

Jake was looking out the window watching, I think, for some birds or squirrels or – well, anything interesting!

Baxter, February 27, 2018wtmk

Baxter decided to just lounge on the bed.


8 thoughts on “A Silent Garden with Harpsichords?

    • The blocks are fun to make – and I know I’m going to love the finished tops. I wish Kona Bay hadn’t closed down as I don’t think there’s any other manufacturer that comes close to the quality and colours in their fabrics!!




  1. Your color sense is stop notch. Yes to the teal, it really sets off the star perfectly. I can see that kitting blocks up in batches must be the key to your productivity. A visit to your blog is always an inspiration!


    • Thank you – I was going back and forth a bit on the teal, but decided it works with everything, while the other choices didn’t do so quite as well.

      I learned to kit up multiple blocks at a time years ago, when I was making diamonds from Quilted Diamonds & Quilted Diamonds 2. Since then, I’ve often carried that idea forward to use with Inklingo – so while it may seem like a lot of printing and cutting at once, once that’s done it’s just all sewing time.




  2. Cathi,

    What are the measurements for the Harpsichord block? Are you using the 3/4″ Octagon/Square? Seems pretty small if so. Also, measurements for the Silent & Tranquil Garden blocks… just curious..


    • Yes, those are the .75” octagons and squares in the Harpsichord blocks. The partial Harpsichord block (with the gold octagons on two sides only) measures 5.75” and the Silent Garden block from side to side is 9.75”.




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