Two Stars, Two Tops in the Making

Two more Silent Garden blocks are done.

Blue & Brown Frontwtmk

First another brown & blue one.

Blue & Brown Backwtmk

The back after pressing.

Tranquility KB Silent Gardenwtmk

Then one of the Kona Bay ones that I’m naming Tranquility Garden.

Tranquility Silent Garden backwtmk

And its back.

One of the comments left Monday has me thinking and I may well end up adding some blocks with the red kites just to give it a bit of a sparkle. I’m going to get the stars for the first row done and joined and then decide.

I showed blocks of both types to a friend who is also a quilter. I showed her the Tranquility block first and her immediate comment was, “That’s definitely a Cathi type of block with those fabrics.” But she really liked the brown and blue as well, which surprised her as she also avoids working with brown. So as we both feel the same about brown fabrics, we tried to figure out why it is we like these brown and blue blocks. We decided it might be because of the richness of the blue batik I used for the kites with the deep brown in the stars.

I had thought I’d make loads of the kite/triangle/irregular hexagon units that are sewn all around the stars but quickly got bored doing just those, so I’ll make enough for a star and then sew them to that star to keep it interesting.

A Couple of Starswtmk

“A Couple of Stars”

Jake February 22, 2018wtmk

Jake was posing on top of the loveseat.

Baxter February 22, 2018wtmk

While Baxter was reclining on the duvet.

2 thoughts on “Two Stars, Two Tops in the Making

    • I remember that day so well when we were cutting long strips of all our different fabrics for fussy cutting/printing and you were definitely here when I started those brown & blue stars!! I think of you every time I work on one!




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