Lots of Progress – At Least For Now, That Is!

I decided to make finishing the blocks for the Harpsichord Quilt around the same time as I finish the two Silent Garden tops a goal and, in order to accomplish that, I estimated that I need to do one Harpsichord block for every star I finish. And so far it’s working fabulously!

Blue & Brown Silent Garden Blockwtmk

First I finished this brown & blue Silent Garden star.

Back of brown & Blue Silent Garden blockwtmk

Its back after pressing.


Then this dark green Harpsichord block.


And its back after pressing and grading the seams.

Pink Kona Bay Silent Garden blockwtmk

Then another one of the Tranquil Garden blocks which are – I have to admit – my favourites right now.

Back of Pink KB Silent Garden Blockwtmk

And its back.


Finally, a light blue Harpsichord block.


And its back after pressing and grading the seams.

But …

…there may be trouble ahead and this routine quite possibly could get disrupted.

Linda Franz is going to be introducing a new Inklingo collection during another of the Inklingo live videos on Facebook Friday evening (which are a whole lot of fun). I have no idea what the new collection might be. I may be safe. It may be something I can resist for just a little bit.

However, if it involves curved piecing or some other wonderful block/quilt that I haven’t even begun to imagine? Well, the Silent Garden and Harpsichord blocks just may have some  – no, make that a lot of competition for attention on the weekend and my printer may be humming as I print shapes for whatever that new collection may be! In the meantime, my imagination is working overtime as I ponder what it may be.

Something Brewingwtmk

“Something Brewing”

Jake, March 3, 2018wtmk

Jake was posing for a photo on the weekend.

Baxter, March 5, 2018wtmk

Baxter, on the other hand, really did not want his picture taken until he took possession of my desk chair. Then he seemed quite content to pose.

6 thoughts on “Lots of Progress – At Least For Now, That Is!

  1. Could I add a bit of advice? You need to work double time to get all these blocks done prior to Friday night because there is no way that you can resist even for a bit of time, to working with a new collection! LOL! We’ll see how this plays out! 🙂


    • Double time won’t even be enough! I think I have close to 150 (or more maybe) blocks to finish for all three quilt tops. So there’s not even a glimmer of a chance I’ll be ready for Friday when the new collection gets released!!




    • I think I’d need three clones, working around the clock, to even hope to get everything done by Friday. I’m really enjoying making these blocks and can’t wait until they’re all done and put together!




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