Brown & Blue Silent Garden

First Brown & Blue Silent Garden Blockwtmk

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love the look of this blue and brown Silent Garden block! I was amazed at just how much I liked it when I finished it.

Back of Blue & Brown Blockwtmk

The back, after pressing.

I let it sit for a couple of days and just kept looking at it and realized that yes, I really did like it and wanted to continue and make the quilt top using those blue & brown stars. So I started on a second Silent Garden block.

Second Brown & Blue Blockwtmk

And in short order I had this, the second blue & brown Silent Garden block done. They are a lot of fun to make as there are loads of opportunities for continuous sewing, which makes them very quick to put together.

I’ve got to sit down and sort out what I’m going to use with the balance of the brown & blue stars as I know there’s nowhere near enough of the brown I’ve used for the little triangle nor enough of the beige print that I used in the first two blocks as background. Ā I think I do have another beige print that would work for background, but will have to find it and see if I have another brown I can use for more of the triangles. Then I’ll have to make sure I use them interchangeably so that the end result looks like it was meant to be like that.

Big & Little Silent Garden blockswtmk

The large and small Silent Garden blocks side by side – I love the mauve & pink ones, of course, and now, to my surprise, I know I’ll really like this brown & blue one! I know, I know – I keep saying how surprised I am but it’s because I never would have dreamt that I’d actually like it so much.

So that’s two of the Silent Garden projects on the go. There’s also the third one I’ll make with the wild floral kaleidoscope stars. I’m still trying to find the right background for them. And there’s a fourth looming. I couldn’t resist. You’ll see why in a day or two, but first I need to get some shapes printed, do some no-waste fussy cutting/printing of the diamonds and then sew a block or two together.

Then I’ll have to decide each evening on which Silent Garden project to work. I love having such hard decisions to worry about.

Lobby Flowers January 6, 2018wtmk

Our current elevator lobby floral arrangement – it’s nice to see that burst of colour right now.

We survived the polar vortex – egads, it was cold! When the temperature hits the mid 30s Fahrenheit this week, it’s going to feel downright balmy after the past few days.

Decisions, Decisionswtmk

“Decisions, Decisions”

Jake, January 2018wtmk

Jake didn’t seem to mind being near the window, even on the coldest of days.

Baxter December 30, 2017wtmk

Nor did Baxter – although he tended to be there mostly at night. I was lucky to get this shot of him there during the day on December 30.


10 thoughts on “Brown & Blue Silent Garden

  1. The brown and blue block is fantastic! I can just imagine the piles of fabrics all over the room and how do you keep the kitties from playing in them while you sort out your choices?! šŸ™‚
    we survived the cold, too, and it will get up to 48 degrees here on Wednesday and then a crashing down to 5 at night and snow is coming our way on Thursday with frigid temps! Hoping for a January spring,Haha!


  2. The blue and brown look very nice Cathi. My daughter recently acquired a second cat who is very much in love with her first cat and quite rambuctious about it. I sent her your pictures of the kitty house which she feels is just the right solution.


  3. Love the Blue & brown blocks. My Baxter is a very handsome boy now. Jake is looking good too. Was thinking about getting this collection but there just isnt enough day in the year for me just now, so I will enjoy the ride with your nlog on these.


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