A Second Sorbet Peony


Sorbet Peonywtmk

As well as working on the lilac ribbon flower, I have spent a fair bit of time over the past week looking at the flowers that are finished and this one stood out every time. This is the original sorbet peony and it is, while beautiful, very washed out in comparison to the other flowers and would have seemed like a blank hole in the finished top, I think.

Sorbet Peony 2wtmk

So what did I do? I decided to make a second sorbet peony with some darker shades of pink and this fabulous toile for the background as the other block made with that background fabric is not going to be included in either the Garden Gone Wild top.

Sorbet Peony 2 backwtmk

The back, after the seams were pressed but not yet graded. Once I get the lilac block finished then it will be time to sit and grade the seams for a couple of hours. But that may still be some time as I have been changing the fabrics used in the lilac block a lot and have spent almost as much time un-sewing as sewing.

When it comes right down to it, though, I’m not 100% convinced I’ll use either of the sorbet peony blocks in the Garden Gone Wild top as I do have another idea for something that would be made of just those two blocks.

I know I’m behind on comments again. I hope to get caught up this weekend.

Lobby Flowers October 27, 2017wtmk

These were our elevator lobby flowers this week, although I’m sure the arrangement will change sometime today.

Sorbet Rosewtmk

“Sorbet Rosé”

Jake late October 2017wtmk

Jake has been enjoying some time atop the kitty tree during this amazingly mild fall we’ve been having.

Baxter late October 2017wtmk

While Baxter has been taking over the couch quite regularly.

5 thoughts on “A Second Sorbet Peony

  1. Alright, now I’m very intrigued by your statement that you have ideas on how to use the two sorbet blocks. Will you tell? 🙂
    I often produce blocks that have no place in the top, for whatever reason. They are nice on the back, though, as a pieced label. Sometimes orphan blocks are included as a gift with the quilt, in case repairs are needed.
    Now, I’m curious to see what you come up with!!
    Regal cats!


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