Number 20 to Bloom is?

It’s a dahlia. Not a black dahlia, though.

pink dahliawtmk

No, of course it isn’t! What else could it possibly be for my quilt but a pink dahlia, given my love of pink? And it is the 20th flower to bloom in the Garden Gone Wild series of blocks. But stay tuned, because … well, because I don’t think I’m finished.  In fact, I know I’m not finished. More on that in a second.

pink dahlia backwtmk

Here’s the back of the pink dahlia. Now that I have 20 blocks done, I suppose I really should take some time one evening soon and get all those seams graded!

Now, getting back to the blocks for Garden Gone Wild top, how do I know I’m not finished? Two reasons. First of all, that group of fabrics for a lilac block just could not be ignored. Last night I gave in and printed the shapes for the lilac. My theory is that now that we’re headed into the grey months of fall and winter, it’s things like the thought of the glorious scent of lilacs that fill the air in the spring that makes the grey months somewhat more bearable, so subconsciously I had been sorting through the purple batiks without realizing what I was doing!

printing for lilacwtmk

Here’s proof of my inability to resist printing for the lilac block.

Secondly, there’s one block of the 20 that is in the process of being changed and made a bit stronger as it is very, very light in comparison to all the others. That block has to remain in the top as it represents one of my favourite flowers so I will still have a dilemma on my hands once I finish fixing it and sewing the lilac block together as I will then have 21 blocks and the label block is already made, so the 21st block can’t become that. By this time next week I’ll be mired in trying to sort out which block might get left out!

Pink dahlia ... and could that be ...wtmk

“Pink dahlia … and could that be the …?”

I was running around a bit yesterday to appointments and realized when I sat down to write this that I hadn’t taken any good photos of the cats. But, going back and looking over some of the photos that I’ve taken in the past week or 10 days, I found a treasure trove of ones I’ve not shared yet.


First up is Jake – I love this photo of him.


Baxter and his never-ending whiskers.

8 thoughts on “Number 20 to Bloom is?

  1. Consciously and subconsciously you think about these flowers! That’s a lot of thought! You know instead of having to decide which one to leave out, you could make 24 and keep them all! LOL!
    The cats pictures are marvelous!

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  2. That is a fantastic photo of Jake – he looks like a real sweetie! Love you dahlia in pink (my favorite!). Isn’t there an old thriller movie, “Whatever Happened to the Black Dahlia”? Hmm, could be your quilt title!

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  3. Cathi, it’s pretty. You’ve captured all the magnificent colors of all 20! I’ve used spare blocks (that’s what I call them)for pillows. Matching pillows for the quilt.
    then the question would be “how many pillows do I need”?

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