Sweet Pea Ribbon Flower

There were so many variations in colours of sweet pea flowers I found searching on the Internet that my sweet pea block could have been many different ones, but I couldn’t resist this variation.

Sweet Pea blockwtmk

It was the fastest I’ve sewn one together yet – I guess making as many as I have so far helped, but the batiks I used in this one were easy to sew. Mr. Q.O. says this is his favourite so far.

Back of Sweet Pea blockwtmk

The back after pressing and grading the seams.

I think I’m going to do the chrysanthemum next, although I’m wavering on that and might start the morning glory instead.

I’ve decided that I’m going to be making 20 blocks for this quilt. I’m going to be printing the shapes I need for a few pink flowers next as well as possibly another blue one and likely another purple flower.  I may have a new name for this quilt as well, and it comes from a comment Linda Franz made on the Inklingo Facebook page Friday – “Gardens Gone Wild.” Because that is exactly the kind of garden I’d want to have – one that would be wildly colourful and full of many different kinds of flowers.

Lobby Flowers, August 11wtmk

These were our lobby flowers on the weekend. Every time I think the woman who does them has outdone herself, she comes up with something else that I absolutely love. Of course I love this one with all that pink!

swee' pea visits sweet peawtmk

“Swe’Pea Visits Sweet Pea”  Mr. Q.O. added this blurb:

“Sweet Pea, lovingly called Swe’Pea by Popeye and Olive Oyl in the popular comic strip and TV series Popeye the Sailor Man, is a small baby that many mistakenly consider to be Popeye’s son. Not many people know how and when Swe’Pea made his appearance in the series, but loyal fans know that Popeye found this cute looking boy on his doorsteps one day. The boy resembled Popeye amazingly, and this led many to misbelieve that he is a child of Popeye and Olive.”

Jake, August 13, 2017wtmk

I’m still trying to get the perfect picture of Jake’s eyes.

Baxter, August 13, 2017wtmk

Changing the bed means lots of attitude from Baxter. He really does not like being shooed off the bed – as, I think, this look on his face shows.

16 thoughts on “Sweet Pea Ribbon Flower

    • The sweet pea definitely seems to be the favourite of them all so far. I have a couple of pink ones planned that I think might usurp that favourite position! I think Baxter was telling me something quite rude with that look and pose. He really does not like it when he can’t wrestle with the sheets as I try to change the bed!




  1. Oooh… you can see in Jake’s eyes, like they look like another universe… way cool!!
    Baxter is deffinetly letting you know how he feels!
    This block is beautiful! ! We love peas here…. I know not the same… but…we love all types of Gardens, flower or vegetables.


    • I still haven’t got the perfect shot of Jake’s eyes, but I’m going to keep trying. Baxter was most definitely telling me something – and I think it was probably quite rude!

      I’d love to have a vegetable garden and be able to have fresh veggies rather than what we get at the supermarket.




  2. This block is really beautiful. I didn’t know that bit of history about Swe’Pea so thanks for that! The lobby flowers are gorgeous. I hope you show the finished quilt to the florist. I’m sure she would enjoy seeing it.


    • Thanks, Liz. I didn’t know anything at all about Swe’Pea – but Mr. Q.O. sure did!

      We are very fortunate to have such gorgeous flowers in our elevator lobby. It definitely makes waiting for an elevator more pleasant!


      Sent from my iPad



    • Jakes not the least bit interested in helping but Baxter? He makes changing the sheets quite a challenge! Thank you – I loved making this one, it almost put itself together!




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