Printing and Printing Some More

I got completely off schedule this week with posting mostly because, I think, Monday was a holiday here. Plus I have been spending countless hours on the Internet looking up images of flowers and choosing fabrics for more Ribbon Flowers.

It takes nothing for me to start looking for images. The mention of a flower in a novel and I’m headed off to look for images. A comment on my blog and I’m off again, looking for images and then sorting through fabrics to see what I can pull together for a flower. It’s endless and so much fun. Finally, last night, I decided to print for three more so I have lots and lots in front of me. The printer was going non-stop for a few minutes.

Delphinium Fabricswtmk

First up are the fabrics I picked out for a delphinium. This one is going to be difficult to sew – I can tell just by the feel of the batiks I chose for it. But they work for the look I’m trying for and I’ve got the extra heavy-duty needle ready and my thimble will be definitely stuck on my finger when I sew this flower! I’ve enhanced all these photos to try to show the lines printed on my fabrics. In reality, I’ve used much lighter ink than it may appear.

Morning Glory fabricswtmk

Next are the fabrics I picked out for a morning glory. I had fun choosing the fabrics for this one! I was nervous I didn’t have quite enough of one of the fabrics, but I did – I just managed to eke out the number of shapes I needed on the piece I had left.

Sweet Pea Fabricswtmk

Then finally, the fabrics for a sweet pea. The variety of colours of sweet peas I found was fascinating – so much so that I think one could make an entire quilt of sweet peas with no two blocks the same!

I’ve got five ready, waiting to be sewn – tea rose, delphinium, morning glory, sweet pea and chrysanthemum. There are already six blocks completed – or possibly five as one of them may get removed since I’m not sure whether it’s giving me the look I want to go for with my flowers for this quilt.  I’m trying to decide whether to start sewing what I have printed or keep picking out the fabrics for other flowers first and then have them all prepped and ready to go. Stay tuned, because this weekend may tell the tale. What’s surprising me is that, as of right now, I have far fewer pink blocks made or for which pieces have been printed than I would have thought. I may have to remedy that this weekend, in which case the printer is going to be very busy again!

I cannot get over how much fun sewing the ribbon flower blocks is, even with some of the harder to sew batiks.  I knew I’d love it when I saw it in the Inklingo Ideas Book – how could I not when every single seam is a curved one? I had so hoped there would eventually be a collection for it, so now that there is I’m finding that everything else has been relegated to second place including the Pickled Ladies quilt – all I need to do is sew together the final border and add it and that will top be finished. But am I getting that done? Oh, no – I have to keep making ribbon flowers!


” Smokin’ ”

Jake, August 9, 2017wtmk

Jake actually posed for me on Wednesday.

Baxter, August 10, 2017wtmk

Baxter was sprawled on the couch last night. He definitely knows how to relax!

14 thoughts on “Printing and Printing Some More

    • Thank you! This quilt is going to be a much bigger one than I thought it would be as I’ve got about four more fabric combinations that I want to use – so far, and I know I’ll find more!


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  1. Beautiful, but the toon gives me a huge smile. The first one for a few days… On Thursday evening Hugh tripped and fell, catapulted himself about 6 feet, and landed on his back.The one ambulance officer couldn’t do much, a neighbour came, still not enough, the fire brigade came, all 5 of them, in full “battle dress” body board brought in, and finally Hugh was taken to hospital. A fractured bone in his shoulder. So, our brigades just might have extra staff down here!!! But your four are so good at the print outs!!. (p.s. Hugh is home, going very slowly, the Dr says it will take months to heal).p. again, your fabrics are delightful, I am waiting to see the whole lot together, totally gorgeous it will be.


    • Oh, no! What a scare that must have been for you and Hugh! I’m glad he didn’t need to be hospitalized for too long and that he’s home now. Mr. Q.O. and I are both thrilled that the ‘toon gave you a smile!


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  2. Hi Cathi, yup I’m late again, but better late than never. Jake’s eyes….oooh. Baxter is still posing, he’s just not telling anyone….lol!!do I have a picture for YOU. I was weeding the peas a few weeks ago, and snapped a shot of a pea blossom.
    have an enjoyable weekend…. keep those flowers coming!


    • I am so glad I’ve been able to get a couple of good shots that show the colour of Jake’s eyes as I find them almost mesmerizing. Baxter’s always posing, one way or another. He loves the attention, although he’d never really let us know that! I saw the picture – I wish I could figure out a way to put in some white flowers but they’d look like a hole in the quilt, I think. I’d love to do a lily of the valley block as well, but I don’t think it would work.


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