Chrysanthemum Block

I wanted to work with the print in this and the only flower that I thought it would work for was a chrysanthemum. So I chose batiks to go with it…


…and here’s the chrysanthemum block for the Gardens Gone Wild quilt. I’m now convinced that doing these one after another is making it much faster to put them together.

Chrysanthemum backwtmk

The back, after grading all the seams but the ones attaching the background fabric. I’m now convinced that pressing the background behind the prints/batiks makes the ribbon flower stand out more, so I’m going to go back and re-press the couple I made in the beginning when I didn’t press them that way.

Next up? Maybe a tea rose. Or maybe morning glory. Or – well, the list goes on and on. I’m going to pick out pinks for water lily and hollyhock flowers and get them printed and then sort out what other flowers I want to make.

We grow 'em bigwtmk

“We grow ’em big ’round these parts”

Jake August 14, 2017wtmk

I’m still trying to get the perfect shot of Jake’s eyes – they’re almost a turquoise, which isn’t showing up in any of the photos I’ve managed to get yet.

Baxter August 14, 2017wtmk

Baxter’s favourite toy of them all is the one we call Cappy. He will meow for it if it’s not easily found. He’s often seen just like this, keeping a paw on Cappy.

20 thoughts on “Chrysanthemum Block

  1. WOW!!! Stunning! !!
    Lol!! Baxter looks well, angry… it’s the ears.
    again I gotta say it your ways with Fabric placement! !!!
    that one is just…… WoW!


    • Thank you! I just love pulling a bunch of fabrics and seeing how they play with each other. I can sometimes have upwards of 20 different fabrics pulled for a block and then slowly whittle it down to the ones that I think will work for a block.

      I think Baxter was a bit annoyed at me taking that picture!



    • I really love that print I used and was determined to make it work for a flower block. Finding the right batiks to put with it was a bit challenging, but those colours remind me of the chrysanthemums my mum used to always have in the late summer/early fall.



  2. THAT is one sizzling mum! Your productivity…………… oh! my!
    Yes, there has been a “cappy” at this house too, but I’m not sure where it is in the multitude of other entertainments. The living room looks like a kitty daycare, but the kids seem happy.


    • The more I sew these blocks, the faster they seem to go together. That one was faster too because I used the large shape on the print rather than all smaller shapes to make each “petal” of my flower. A kitty daycare sounds like what a living room should be!



    • Thank you! I’ve got a long way to go before I start thinking about a setting – I’ve not yet made half the flowers.They are so much fun to sew that I’ve decided this is going to be a large quilt.



  3. Beautiful! I’m just starting my Ribbon Flowers and wonder what you mean when you say “pressing the background behind the prints/batiks makes the ribbon flower stand out more.” ???


    • I think that pressing the background that way makes the flower appear to be appliquéd on to the background rather than pieced and gives it a nice finish. I’m going to post two photos on my blog on Sept. 10 that will show the difference in how I pressed two Ribbon Flowers.


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