Floral Wheel No. 2 and Can You Help?


I’m trying very hard to not pick favourites, but it’s difficult. So far this is my favourite – love the dainty little floral with the turquoise batik. I am so glad that I stumbled upon those little floral prints when I was looking for fabrics for the Valse Brillante quilt, even if the Carpenter’s Wheel/Floral Wheel blocks have become a bit of a detour from what I was planning to do.


The back after pressing.

Now for the “can you help” part of the post title.  Last week  a comment was left by a reader, Brenda, asking if – well, rather than paraphrase it, here’s what she asked:

“I have just watched a movie called An Amish Murder. I am trying to find someone to make the quilt in the movie..also grey and white. Is there someone you know who quilts for someone else?”

I don’t know of anyone who quilts for others and can’t find out anything about the quilts in that movie. I’ve not seem the movie myself but did find some stills from the movie on the Internet. The only quilt I saw in those stills was a Lone Star quilt, but it was not in grey and white. Edited to add:  I’ve since heard from Brenda and she sent me a shot of the quilt – it is a Feathered Star, not a Lone Star.  I told Brenda I didn’t know of anyone, but that I was willing to ask to see if anyone who reads my blog could help her. Do you know of anyone who quilts for others? If so, please contact Brenda directly at blw731 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Floral Tributewtmk

“Floral Tribute”


Mr. Q.O. has been captioning photos again – and this one is captioned “Helping? No, not helping – pay attention to me, please.” Jake loves to sit on Mr. Q.O.’s cryptic crosswords and pen and won’t move. Until he gets the required amount of attention, that is. Then he’ll relent and let Mr. Q.O. have his puzzle and pen back.


Baxter has turned into a beautiful big cat with a wonderful mane that he loves to have brushed.


There’s quite a difference in his mane from this shot that was taken in mid-September 2011, when he was five months old.

7 thoughts on “Floral Wheel No. 2 and Can You Help?

  1. Hi Cathy, jake’s expression looks like grumpy cat not enough patting. Baxter is a gorgeous mature male with a wonderful mane. Cute as a kit now a handsome mature boy. I love the fact he loves the brush. Lady gets mats & runs if we brandish a brush! Spud just rolls over and gives us his tummy! The block looks inteserting and pretty. I have been doing more knitting than sewing but have an applique quilt in progress.


  2. Baxter has grown into a very handsome feller! Kitties do like to help their humans, don’t they? Jake just doesn’t want Mr Q.O.’s pen to roll off the table. Such a pretty little block……that turquoise fabric is a gorgeous colour!


  3. Baxter is handsome and mischievous……lol….
    those blocks are definitely you.. They are so pretty.
    haven’t seen the movie…
    pieced together my backing and ready to sandwich tomorrow!!! Shriek…. This quilt has been sitting waiting since 2002.


  4. These blocks are looking good. Of course, my favourite part is the splash of colour from the batiks.
    Hehe, love Jake’s way to get attention. Macros used to do the same.
    Baxter is looking very handsome indeed


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