Floral Wheels 3 and 4


The final two Floral Wheel blocks are done. First this one.


And its back.


And the final one.  I added even more of the squares on this one as I know how I’m putting them together now.


And the photo of its back.

I had to restrain myself from printing the shapes on other mini floral prints and batiks so I could  make more blocks. I even had the pairings with batiks done for a few more but I don’t want to turn this into anything too big. I think. I’m trying to convince myself. They’re miniature blocks and will turn into a lovely miniature quilt to add to the group I’m planning to have hanging on the wall. But the temptation to make more and actually turn this into a large quilt? Huge! I’m always fascinated when I see mini blocks that are turned into large lap quilts or even bigger ones, but as much fun as the Carpenter’s Wheel block is to sew, I have other things like Valse Brillante calling to me. Loudly calling to me.

That said, not much of anything is getting done these days. Having not had a baseball team that was playing meaningful baseball in September for decades, I’m finding the Blue Jays games are absolutely riveting now that we are in a pennant race. Every pitch, every swing of the bat, the nuances of what’s going on with the shifts of the defence, the game within a game as the pitcher pitches to each hitter, the crack of the bat when a home run has been hit, anticipating when a speedy runner on base is going to steal a base, watching a favourite player make an outstanding fielding play or an amazing double play is made – all those things and more make baseball so engrossing that while I may have a project box beside me and the needle threaded before the game, nothing gets sewn.

I am on the edge of the couch or, in some instances, standing up, barely able to breathe as we watch some late-inning heroics. It is a wonderful time to be a baseball fan with a team in the race for a berth in the playoffs and I’m enjoying every single minute of it. But it definitely means no baseball playoffs quilt for me this year if, as I think they will be, the Jays are playing in the post-season games.

So much as I want to get started on Valse Brillante, I think it will be waiting a little while longer.


Baxter couldn’t be less interested in baseball games. The toy basket is of much more importance to him. So much so that he sleeps with a paw on it.


Jake’s eyes are a never-ending source of fascination for me. They are the most wonderful colour and very expressive.

13 thoughts on “Floral Wheels 3 and 4

  1. Those are so pretty Cathi. I definitely could see those in a queen size quilt. I am impressed with your talent! I put my quilt in the hoop… yuck! I dislike hoops. I can’t stand having to move the hoop andquilt some then move the hoop again. I have a 9′ quilt frame my husband made but itit’s just to large for the house. Do you have any ideas that could help me? Anything…. Baxter is a character! Jake’s eyes look like Monsters?


  2. Love those little blocks! There are books by two Canadian authors on making full-sized quilts using very small blocks, I have one, and perhaps one day…….Jake is a gorgeous boy, and I can see that Baxter isn’t interested in sport on TV at all!


  3. As usual everything you post is so lovely, Cathi. I won’t be able to lunch with you this year. We are out of time as we leave Oct 2nd. However we’ll make it a priority for next year. Enjoy the rest of the baseball season and the winter which I hope is not too harsh. Take care. Elizabeth


  4. Well Cathy, I don’t much relate to sports but that may change. Husband and son are huge Ohio State fans (son attended Ohio State). There was a time when I really loved to watch. Not so much right now. Although the Ohio State/ Michigan rivalry usually gets me to watch
    Your floral wheels are lovely and well done and the little fur kids are a treat to see.


  5. You do such lovely work, I am in love with small blocks, hand stitching, and have dipping my toes into applause, although my stitching could use improvement but all in due time.
    I think Jake is your soul mate from the animal world, he looks like he talks to you a lot and is the first one by your side when you sit on the sofa.


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