Garden Stars – Almost Finished


The little Garden Stars quilt top is almost finished. I’m debating whether to add a small border. Right now it’s 12″ square. If I do add a border, I’m not sure what colour to add.  Mr. Q.O. says lime green. I’d like to add a border of the fabric I used to fussy cut/print the stars, but I’d have to cut something that was too wide, I think. So maybe a piece of that fabric will be the backing for the little quilt.


The back, after I graded all the seams and pressed it.

I had graded the little 3″ stars as I made them. There are a lot of seams in this small quilt – 205 pieces in the 12″ square to be exact – and grading them makes it feel and look better and will make it easier to quilt, which I am going to do by hand..


This little bowl contains the clippings from grading the seams after joining all the stars together. Mr.Q.O. says it looks like kitty coleslaw.

When I started putting it together,  I had my stack of 52 little .88″ squares, 9  large 1.76″ squares and 16 of the 1.24″ QSTs sitting on the end table, ready to add. I know better than to do this, but I got up to go get some water and left them unattended. When I came back into the living room, there was a trail of the small squares and the resident fabric thief – Baxter was rolling on some of them. I picked them up off the floor and those that he’d rolled on off his fur and immediately counted them to be sure he hadn’t eaten one. Then I worked on getting the fur off the little squares. No stack of fabric shapes is safe around here if it’s within his reach – he just loves to play with them. He’s been like this since he was a kitten – just loves to grab pieces of fabric and play.

I used two Inklingo collections to make the quilt – the 3″ LeMoyne Star collection and the 6″ Waltzing Matilda collection. I wanted to have the 1.76″ square that’s in the Waltzing Matilda collection rather than piecing four of the .88″ squares from the 3″ LeMoyne Star collection together.

wanted posterwtmk

“Wanted Poster”


I’ve wanted to get a photo of Jake’s eyes again for a while – and we did. There’s something about his eyes that just fascinates me.


Baxter, the fabric thief, just snoozing away – showing off those big paws that are oh, so adept at getting hold of small pieces of fabric!

14 thoughts on “Garden Stars – Almost Finished

  1. The little quilt is looking great! It’s a wonder you have all the pieces with that little, I mean big fabric thief! No fabric is safe around any cats, they feel the need to mess with anything that is in order.

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  2. What a gorgeous little quilt! I’m with Mr Q.O. – a lighter shade of the green would make a good frame border. Baxter, those little fabric pieces are not kitty candy, you know……Jake leaves them alone, so you should too!

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  3. So pretty, and teeny Tiny… Wow!!
    Heads up… Phone won’t take a charge. Purchased a new one its defective. Might be gone for a while. Jakes eyes their almost see through, like glass.

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  4. Love your little quilt….but what small pieces!!!
    I also have a fabric thief! He is a black and white kitty, and his name is Vinny…18 years old, but still loves to play!!

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