Lots and Lots of Little Stars

I’ve been busy – making the final 10 of the 16 little 3″ LeMoyne Stars.


They all began with this fabric, which was languishing in my stash as I really didn’t like it. But with some fussy cutting/printing? It turned out some wonderful stars.


Here are the final 10, and I am not picking a favourite. Because I can’t.


I’m just thrilled that I found a use for that fabric.


Now I know that, the next time I want to do some miniature kaleidoscope somethings I’ll get this fabric back out as it I think it turns into something rather nice.


I caught myself thinking about printing enough for another 16 of these stars, but decided against it — at least for now anyway.


Oh, wait a minute — did I say I couldn’t pick favourites out of this group?  Hmm – I may be about to go back on that and say this one is definitely a favourite.


As is this one – I love the look of the centres of these two stars.


This one is up there with the favourites too.


As is this one because of all that glorious pink.


I am going to set the 16 stars into a mini quilt to hang on the wall as I’d really love to get something finished.


As it feels like forever since I actually finished something.


And here are all 16 of the little beauties. Made with the Inklingo 3″ LeMoyne Star collection and using the Inklingo no waste fussy cutting method. I love that it turned what I was thinking of as an “ugly” fabric into something I really like!

Lots of Starswtmk

“Lots of Stars”


The cats have been spending lots of time in the kitty tree – during the day there’s much to see as the bird population on the roof garden this summer is fabulous. And at night they settle in for snoozes after the sun goes down.

13 thoughts on “Lots and Lots of Little Stars

  1. All your flowers are lovely. I have a question: how do you manage to have your center so precise ? I’m beginning doing this kind of rosette sewing on the lines but my centers aren’t good as yours. Any trick ? Thank you.


    • Thank you! Having really fine stitching lines and the matching points at the end of seams makes a big difference, as does circling the intersection. When I’m stitching a star, I end up circling the intersection sometimes twice, just to make sure that the centres are as precise as I can get them. Linda Franz posted a video on circling the intersection of stars today. You could also purchase her Quilted Diamonds 2 book – it is full of lessons on hand piecing, and comes with a 2-hour DVD lesson which is truly like having your own private lesson with her – and circling the intersection is covered in both the book and on the DVD lesson.


  2. Oh Cathi, those little stars are beautiful. Momma cat had 5 baby kittens! She carried them into the barn 1 by 1 all plump and happy… Eyes are just starting to open. We love kitties, and quilting.


  3. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I’m glad you photographed the fabric too. The hardest part of No Waste Fussy Cutting is choosing a suitable fabric–and you did it!


  4. Cathi, it’s hard for me to believe the stars are from just ONE fabric – you are absolutely brilliant! The stars turned out just so beautifully. How large is your quilt going to be?
    Thanks for your kind words on Gwen’s stitching. 🙂 The angel stitching has been more challenging than what she has stitched in the past. Quite the experience for both of us. 🙂


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