Christmas Fireworks


This fabric had been waiting for just the right project. I fell in love with it as it is just made for fussy cutting/printing with a perfect 11.75″ repeat.

One of the quilts in Willyne Hammerstein’s Millefiori Quilts that I think is really striking is Midnight Fireworks. It’s irresistible to me – opportunities for special effects with fussy cutting, lots of continuous stitching and some curved piecing. Three things I love all in one block! So when a Midnight Fireworks Inklingo collection came out, I knew I was going to make a version of it using that fabric. My version of the quilt will be called Christmas Fireworks.


First I printed eight sheets of the diamonds for the centre star and in no time I had these lovely stacks of diamonds, just waiting to be sewn into stars.


There’s something about making these stars that I just cannot resist. Each one is a little surprise because, while I sort of have an idea what it’s going to look like, once it’s sewn together then I see the full effect.


Each star will be, I think, surrounded with the red metallic fabric.


Will I use black triangles and then matching black pieces to square this up – or almost square it up? There will be more surprises in the corners where four blocks meet – there are small curved pieces in the corners that will, with a little more fussy cutting/printing, create another great special effect.


I love how perfectly it presses.


Or will I use gold triangles and matching gold pieces to square them up? Indecision reigns! I’m going to add the pieces to almost square these two up and then try to decide. Whichever one I decide not to use will become the label for the quilt.


I haven’t yet graded the seams, but that will only take a few minutes.

I’m really wavering on this – can’t quite decide. I think the black dulls down that glorious red quite a bit but it is dramatic. The gold makes it a little more cheerful and might make it easier to get the special effects in the corners to really pop.

Which do you prefer – the gold or the black? I’d love to hear why you chose the one you did!

Christmas in Julywtmk

“Christmas in July”


Jake has been enjoying some time the windowsill.


Baxter was at the vet recently for his shots and check-up – and he’s just fine. He’s now at 15 pounds and he’s nowhere near done growing, we think. When we came home, we let him out of his carrier and had put it on top of a chest in the hallway for a moment – or so we thought. But ever since then, he has been found sitting or sleeping in it every single day. So for now the carrier stays out. With a nice fluffy towel in it so he’s comfortable.

16 thoughts on “Christmas Fireworks

  1. Wow – that’s a difficult decision! I’m also wondering what a metallic green thrown into the mix would look like? If Baxter likes being in his carrier it makes trips to the vet much easier all around, doesn’t it.

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  2. Gorgeous!! I vote gold. The black is dramatic but I don’t think there is enough contrast – all those glorious sharp star points just sort of blend into the black background. Square it up with the black.

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  3. I love the black, but the gold looks better because you see the points of the star much better, so I would probably go for gold. Such decisions!

    We just took our 2 cats to the vet yesterday for shots and if they even see the carriers, they go running! It has to be a quick catch and put them in the carrier sort of thing. That’s so funny that Baxter likes being in the carrier.

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  4. Looking great Cathi! And when better to start the Christmas projects. I actually think I should flip over all my sewing to be opposite the calendar, just so I get things done in time! In the cold winter days…start sewing on summer goodies and vice-versa.

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  5. I’d choose the gold…. Christmas is gold shinny and bright. The black gives it an oriental feel….? No? Still messing with my phone… Ugh! Should of stuck with Verizon… Its been 15 years with them I thought I was do for a change.

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  6. I would choose the gold. These are gorgeous!
    That’s funny about Baxter sitting in his carrier. We used to leave ours out as the cats would take turns sitting in theirs.

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  7. I vote for the white/gold as well. The gold overprint on the red and the black detract from the star. Those colors might work well without the gold overprint on them.

    Ah, your furkins! 15 lb and still a growing boy?!? You are going to need a skate board for that carrier.

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  8. Beautiful stars but I can’t chose between the black or the gold. I would lean towards the gold only because it provides more contrast. I just love your work.

    Our Little Kitty has become a scaredy cat and we cannot get him into a carrier. Thankfully we have a vet in the family and she checks him over when she visits and we can catch him.

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  9. Jake looks like I do in the morning!! I was just going through her book last night, trying to pick a pattern!! I could make one of each in this book, and her second book!! So many quilts in my brain, so little sewing time…….

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  10. These look so nice! I have this book and the Inklingo for La Passacaglia but promised myself I’d finish a couple of other projects first because I really would love to make everything in the book! I do like the way the black looks but the white/gold makes the red really pop. Tough decision!


  11. Funny little boy that Baxter. Sounds like he didn’t mind his trip to the vet as much as the average cat. Or at least doesn’t blame the carrier 🙂
    I can see the appeal of the black, but yes, that gold (which you’ve since used) is the winner


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