Bouquet of Flowers

A bouquet of sunflowers, that is. I’ve been working on sunflowers for the past couple of weeks along with a Christmas gift, which I can’t show yet.


First a pretty – hmm, aubergine sunflower?


Then my favourite of this group – I think. Also Mr. Q.O.’s favourite of this bunch – I think. The favourites change almost daily!


This is a closer runner-up as favourite. Very, very close runner-up. Maybe they’re tied as the favourites of this group.


Another runner-up, close to a three-way tie!


And this one was Mr. Q.O.’s favourite until he saw the second one above.

I think it’s getting very close to time to tape up the temporary design wall and put all the finished sunflower blocks on it, although I still have a very long way to go to get to 120 of the little 6-inch beauties. I think I may be at 40 finished sunflowers now. Seems I’ve lost count. And I would like to see how they look together now.

I have some batiks that I know I haven’t used for the sunflowers. They’re set aside waiting for me to print more of the shapes for the sunflowers, so I want to get those ready to print soon and fill up the sunflower project box again. It’s not even close to empty yet, but it’s definitely less than half full – so time to top it up!


“Alien Sunflower”


I think the kitties are well into winter hibernation mode. Jake certainly finds comfy spots to stretch out and, if we just happen to be there at the very right moment, we can catch him in a yawn.


Baxter really knows how to relax and be comfortable.

11 thoughts on “Bouquet of Flowers

  1. These are very beautiful! Very difficult to choose a favorite! I think creating them in batiks was a good idea. It gives them life and movement. I can’t wait to see this quilt come together! Sandra



  2. Love looking at your sunflower patch. 40/120 = 1/3 doesn’t it? Enjoy the journey.
    And those furry dudes are so impressed………… yeah, impressed. My furry dude is mug-wumpin’ at the moment. It is mild enough to have the window open, so he is half in and half out, resting on his window perch. Stitch on.


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