A Pair of Sunflowers

Sunflowers were dominating the week last week and now two more are ready to add to the stack.


First up a pretty blue one.


Then a new favourite cream and orange one. And I keep saying that almost every one is a favourite, I know. I just can’t help it.

The random number generator was put to work and …

random number

.. ta da!  Number 8, Deb G. in VA, is the winner of the $25 Inklingo gift certificate.  I’ve e-mailed Deb to let her know.

We had little flakes of snow drifting past the window the past couple of days and it has been cold enough that it has stayed. I am nowhere near ready for there to be snow on the ground. I was hoping we’d make it to January before we saw that happen!

Today is the day to visit Barb and Nic on the Around the World Blog Hop. So please go visit to see what’s up in their corners of the world.


“Texas and England or Bust”


Baxter has lately been making the little frog toy his favourite. And using it as a pillow at times.


Jake was a bit ruffled after being woken up by the camera.

9 thoughts on “A Pair of Sunflowers

  1. Your flowers are always lovely in every colour, the blue stands out for me, and as always, Jake and Baxter make my day, something about cats, and specially ginger ones. Deb, congrats on your win, hope we see some photos later on of which design you choose and colours you select. Stay warm up there, you and Mr Q.O., Jean.


  2. Love, love, love, LOVE those sunflowers, Cath! And tell Mr QO that the ‘toon is just PERFECT. Love the kitties in the windows and even the toys go along! I also have a need to kiss Baxter and Jake’s cute noses. Can you take care of that for me, please? Such sweet kitties. Oh wait! They are on their way here in the alien aircraft! I’ll kiss them myself……


  3. Jake looks just how I feel when I wake up! Love those sunflowers, how many are done now? Alien craft, now that’s the way to travel……it would cut those long flights down to really short. If you don’t want the cold weather you can send some to us, we had a heatwave last weekend and have more really hot weather on the way for this weekend too.


  4. I love love love your sunflowers!!!

    Thanks for your kind words on Miss Baby’s stitching…. it’s funny because I was just telling someone that I have been dying to stitch, but just haven’t found the time. It seems like the only person who has time to stitch nowadays is a certain Kindergartener. 🙂

    Hope you are doing well this Christmas season, Cathi!!! I have been thinking of you because of the extreme cold temperatures we have been experiencing over here.


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