Waltzing in Toronto



What am I talking about? This gorgeous 12″ Waltzing Matilda block! Which is perfectly square. Unfortunately, our camera’s lens wants to add a curve to everything.

Yes, I made a huge block. Well, huge for me as I tend to always be so attracted to the miniatures. But there’s a reason I chose to do the 12″ block.

You know, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, that I avoid the sewing machine as though it had an infectious disease. But – and I cannot believe I did this – when the three new Inklingo collections of Judy Martin’s Waltzing Matilda came out, I decided not only was I going to make the 12″ block but I was also going to make it totally by machine.

Picked yourself up from the floor yet? I know, I know – I was practically on the floor myself when I decided to do that.

There is no way I’d have done it by machine were it not for the brilliant one-page sewing guide. Even I could follow the partial seam instructions. I read it and immediately got it. And that one-page guide was right beside me at the sewing machine and I made reference to it every step of the way. What makes those partial seams so easy to make work, of course, are the perfectly placed matching points that are the key when following the sewing guide. The collection is worth its weight in gold for the one-page sewing guide alone.

It took me no time to print the shapes I needed for the block, including making a window template so I could fussy cut/print the centre octagon. I sewed the block together in what felt like a blink. It was definitely far less than half an hour. So I still had oodles of time last night for more hand piecing of the Christmas gift I’m working on.


I even like the back of it. And I never ever say that about blocks I make by machine. But I followed the pressing suggestion and it worked. Like a charm. Will I make this block again and by machine? Absolutely. In fact, I don’t think I’d even contemplate hand piecing it. And I can’t believe I just typed that. I think I have to go take my temperature!

Ayer's Rockwtmk

“Visiting Ayers Rock”

We are having what seems like endless grey days in Toronto. I was at my dentist the other day and everyone there was complaining about it. Even though we know sunny days at this time of year likely mean very cold days, I think we’re all getting desperate enough to see some sun that we’ll take the cold.


Jake doesn’t seem to care if there’s no sunlight. He makes himself comfortable in a kitty bed and snoozes.


Baxter and the toys. He’s often found there snoozing with toys as pillows.

12 thoughts on “Waltzing in Toronto

  1. Well, fancy that……I never knew there was a block called “Waltzing Matilda”! Haven’t been to Uluru (Ayers Rock) either, the Red Centre is a bit too hot and dry for me. You might be feeling cold, but Jake and Baxter certainly aren’t aren’t – they are very relaxed and cosy.


  2. Love your block. I thought about maybe stretching myself and sewing a top by hand..as I love my machine when piecing …. Then decided to scrap that idea… Too many projects that need to be done 🙂
    Dream on pretty kitties! :))


  3. Cathi, I fell in love with this block too. I really like blocks that cause your eye to see different shapes like attic window, card trick, folded ribbon but are still very simple to piece.
    Do you think machine piecing this block in the smaller sizes could be done as easily? Yours is beautiful, love the blend of colors and the center is very pretty. This block does have a lot of pleasing elements. Home run!


    • I do think that it would be just as easy in the smaller sizes. The one-page sewing guide makes it unbelievably easy. And for me to say sewing anything by machine is mind-boggling! I’m going to make a smaller one and I will do it by machine.

      Quilt Obsessi


  4. Good thing I was sitting down when I read your post LOL–a 12″ block by machine?!?!? It is a beautiful block and I love the colors and the fussy cut center. Hope you make a few more to share. I will send you some sunny days from Santa Fe 🙂


  5. Caught ya red handed–in my stash. I recognize that rose, and know its story.

    And tell Jake to move over, he has the right idea for cold, gray days, and a warm orange cat would be even better. If Baxter would like, and I could figure out how to get it there, I have a peacock feather that would tickle his fancy.


  6. By machine??? I had to read it all over again to make sure what I read was true. This is a gorgeous block design, and I can see you doing it many times, and maybe those fingers can do another one, as I’m sure you have one more on the go .Hugs, Jean


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  8. Lovely fabric selection for the block. And yes, this is a big block for you. So will these big blocks become cushions or a quilt. And yes I know you’ve only done one, but we both know you’ll do more soon. But by machine? Heathen 😉

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