Sunflower Under Stars


While the layout for the kaleidoscope butterfly stars is being sorted out, I decided to have some play time. And made six more of the wonderfully tiny kaleidoscope stars with the itty-bitty star points. I’ve decided, I think, how I’ll set these and have been auditioning a few fabrics to use for the setting shapes. But I still have a couple more of the little stars to make and then I can start putting that miniature quilt together.


The stack of little kaleidoscope stars so far.


And then it was on to one of my favourite things. Sunflowers. What could make sunflowers even better? Making a sunflower with a pink batik. I really have missed making these. So much so that I will be making more of them, even as I work on setting the butterfly kaleidoscope stars together. I’d love to get the sunflowers I have printed all done so I can figure out how many more I want to make and in which colours.


The last time I put the 6″ sunflowers up, there were 20. Now there are quite a few more. Enough that I think it may be time to put up the temporary design wall and play again. I’m playing with an idea that would turn this into a large quilt and will involve a large centre block that will be surrounded by nothing by beautiful sunflowers in every shade of batik I have. Part of the fascination is that sunflowers really do have it all for me – loads of continuous stitching and some fun curved piecing.


“Clam Bake”


Jake is really enjoying the windowsill and kitty tree view of the roof garden.


As is Baxter. I took those shots on Tuesday. They seemed to be taking turns at having possession of the windowsill.

8 thoughts on “Sunflower Under Stars

  1. Oh my….batiks have been my favorite fabric since 2001. And that Cathi will be stunning! How gorgeous! I love doing mariners compasses too. Jake looks like he just woke up… And Baxter has lost that kitten look…he’s a grown up kitty now. 🙂 Standing by and enjoying watching your work. Wow!


  2. I love the sunflowers, it will be a stunning quilt! However, I laughed out loud when you said that you decided to “have some play time”, you know, IT”S ALL PLAY TIME!! 🙂


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