Butterfly Kaleidscope Stars … Again


See this lovely stack of butterfly kaleidoscope stars, all with their surrounding diamonds? The stack is made up of more stars than it appears. There are well over 60 stars in that pile.

And now they’re all done. Next is figuring out which one goes where. And I have a feeling that’s going to take quite a few hours. But oh, what fun I have ahead as I sort out the placement.

Odd as it may sound, I almost felt a bit of a letdown when I finished adding the surrounding diamonds. I know that they will go together quickly so will be working on that as soon as I get the placement sorted out.

So now what shall I do? I’m thinking about my ’30s baskets. I did one with muslin for the background and that wasn’t fun – the muslin seems just that much thicker than the ’30s fabric and it made piecing the little handles a bit of a challenge. Think I’ll try a finer white muslin next. This will be a very long-range project and I want to enjoy it, so finding the right background fabric is important. I do have a two-colour quilt that I’ve been working on very sporadically, but – well, no. Not in the mood to work on that. Maybe it’s time to do some more sunflowers.


“Alien Jet Ski” I think it looks like a submarine, but Mr. Q.O. assures me it’s an alien jet ski.


The standard summer kitty tree arrangement that we’re seeing these days. Mr. Q.O.’s caption? “I wonder how long he’s going to sleep.” That made me laugh out loud as Baxter has been known to paw at Jake to wake him up to have a chase.

8 thoughts on “Butterfly Kaleidscope Stars … Again

  1. Cathi, I love all your work, and you are so prolific too, respect. Did I read that you were going to post a stitching order for hand piecing POTC Inklingo ? Did I miss it? Hope I didn’t, but the brain isn’t what it was….;-) Judith in UK

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  2. Look at they pretty stack if stars! You get so much do e incrementally…

    I remember when Baxter was a kitten and I’m so glad you got jake

    Can’t wait to watch the 30s baskets




  3. Hi Cathi, I love stars! I’m looking forward to seeing all your projects finished 😊 haven’t sewn a hexagon in 8 months!! That’s a pile of stars for sure. When I get a stack that big accomplished I stand back, stare at it and smile….then wipe the sweat from my forehead…..LOL!


  4. Congrats on finishing the bundle of stars. Looking forward to seeing them start to come together.
    Pity you weren’t in the mood for the two colour – wouldn’t mind seeing more of it 🙂


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