A Green Sunflower


This one makes me think of a sunflower that hasn’t opened yet, just all green.


The back after pressing and grading the seams.

That is 19 of the sunflowers done. One more and then I’ll put all the finished sunflowers on the design wall and see how they look so far.


“After The Paintball Fight.”


Baxter was having a nap on the top level of his kitty tree after a very busy day of watching what was happening out on the roof garden.

8 thoughts on “A Green Sunflower

  1. The sunflower quilt will be spectacular! I can’t wait to see them all together!

    Baxter is sure into a lot of activities, no wonder he sleeps most of the time in his pictures!


  2. Talk about comfort!!!! That boy is passed out thoroughly enjoying his kitty tree. Texas weather is fantastic….66 F in the morning to 89F in the afternoon.


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