Pieced Hexagons


For the past little while, I’ve been making the odd pieced hexagon here and there and yesterday I made this little beauty. It’s composed of 37 pieces and finishes as a 3″ hexagon.


Now there are four of the 3″ pieced hexagons.


And two smaller ones.

Clearly my pieced hexagons are going to feature a lot of pink. Not a big surprise.

On the weekend, a new Inklingo e-book was released, 300 Pieced Hexagons. It has coloured illustrations and line drawings of the 300 pieced hexagons, tips for both hand and machine piecing them and much more. Until July 4, it’s on sale for $10.

While I can’t imagine using anything but Inklingo to print the shapes on my fabrics to make these, the book is a fabulous resource for everyone who wants to make pieced hexagons such as those seen in the Candied Hexagons or VariHex quilts by whatever method they prefer.

Pieced Hexagon Line Drawing

This is just one page of the many, many pages of line drawings in the e-book. I love having the colour versions to look at, but the line drawings are the absolute icing on the cake for me. They make it so easy to figure out exactly what shapes I need to stitch any one of the 300 pieced hexagons as well as ways to make perhaps even more variations. And there is one on this page that I am contemplating for my next pieced hexagon.

Good Nightwtmk

“Good Night After A Tiring Canada Day Celebration.”


Mr. Q.O. captioned this photo of Baxter “What Did You Do To Your Hair???!!!”

9 thoughts on “Pieced Hexagons

  1. Only one of those hexagons is calling you? Go ahead, be a devil…..make them all……..you have the makings of an interesting hexagon sampler already! Baxter, I hope you enjoyed your Canada Day celebrations.


  2. Those hexies are insane! But you can pull it off making all of them!
    Baxter better be careful going into that tent, too many aliens and creepy things out there! Where are the kitty s’mores?
    Baxter looks like he’s seen a ghost! What did he do with his hair???


  3. They’re gorgeous! As much as I love “Quilted Diamonds” (I’m hooked on them..finished with one book and working on the other), I love hexagons even more. I’m gonna HAVE to get this book! Now, if I only had 80 hrs a day so I could work on them and get all my other stuff done, too, LOL! 🙂


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