More and More Little Stars


That’s what I’ve been working on, that is.  More and more of the little LeMoyne Stars for the Octagon Stars doll bed quilt. I decided to just get all the little stars made and spent some time on the weekend sorting how many of each colour I need to finish the little quilt. They’re all stacked up, ready to stitch. Once they’re all stitched and are each surrounded by eight squares, it will take very little time to get them attached with the red connecting octagons and diamonds and the doll bed quilt will grow quickly.


As I finish each star, I press it and then grade the seams.

I think spring may be here.  We had a thunderstorm last night with lots of lightning and thunder and rain. It was incredibly mild on Sunday and very windy. It was wonderful to be able to go out with just a light jacket. Finally winter seems to be leaving.


Baxter is ready to dream about stars. The bunny slippers make me laugh.


He is spending more and more time in his kitty tree or on the windowsill as there is increasing activity on the roof garden.

8 thoughts on “More and More Little Stars

  1. Love those twinkling stars! Baxter is so cute with those slippers and that little night cap! I bet Baxter is loving the activity on the roof garden now.


  2. Those little stars are so darned CUTE! The bunny slippers are over the top adorable. lol Baxter looks so serious in this photo.


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