Periwinkle Octagon


Of course I had to play with the octagon and kite shapes from the new Periwinkle Octagon collection. This block finishes at 8.25″ from point to point. It was quick to stitch. Once the four 4-kite units were together, there was lots of continuous stitching to be done.


Pressed and the seams graded.


These octagons are absolutely enormous to me in comparison to the ones I’m using to make the Octagon Stars doll bed quilt. I can’t get over the difference in size between a .75″ and 1.32″ octagon.

Why did I make this periwinkle flower block? Because there’s a new reverse mystery – the Inklingo Periwinkle. I love the design. And I love the fact that we know what the quilt will look like at the end because it is a reverse mystery. Makes it much easier to pick out fabrics for it. The first lesson for the Inklingo Periwinkle was posted on Monday on the All About Inklingo blog. I’m still playing with colour ideas and, while I like the first flower I made, I have an idea that may involve a range of different colours. I only printed enough of the octagons on this pink fabric to make one block and get an idea of shortcuts when stitching.

I think I spoke way too soon when I said yesterday that spring was finally here. Now we’ve got a winter storm warning for today/tomorrow. They’re saying we’ll get freezing rain and ice pellets. A winter storm warning on April 10? I’m starting to think the groundhog was on some strange drugs when predicting an early spring.


Baxter and one of his pals were in the garden wearing their periwinkle hats.


Later on he was showing us his grown-up pose again. I can’t believe he’s almost two already.

11 thoughts on “Periwinkle Octagon

  1. Cathi – it would be more surprising if you didn’t play with shapes from a new Inklingo collection! That’s a fun piece, and your fabric choices set it off very well. Baxter, you pose very neatly!


  2. Love the new block. You really inspire me – you have so many different projects going and each is more beautiful than the other. The fabric and design remind me of hydrangeas. We’re trying to get spring going here in Texas but every time I think we’ve had the last freeze, we get another. The azaleas are blooming, the bridal wreath is full of beautiful white blooms and the tree pollen is driving my allergies crazy. I love spring for it’s beauty before the heat of summer hits.


  3. Cathi, there hasn’t been one thing you made, since I started following your blog, that I don’t love. You pick the prettiest fabric and colors to use in your projects. I look forward to reading your posts. Of course, I also have to get my Baxter fix every day. : )


  4. Wow, those are really nice blocks! Love your fabric choices! Yes, the weather is coming your way, cold here, a lot of hail, missed the snow but will get some tonight, spring isn’t springing up very fast around here! But 60’s on Saturday!
    Baxter is so majestic looking!


  5. I’ve never done a REVERSE mystery. I think that is a wonderful idea!~ Very clever. I never would have guessed that you’d make pink periwinkles Cathi (a wink and a smile). What FUN!
    2 years old… already. What a beauty Baxter is.


  6. At first I was thinking, wow, that’s huge. Then you listed the dimensions and I realised that ok, maybe not, but I still prefer the smaller pieces. I know you understand, but everyone else thinks we’re nuts 🙂


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